I just want to give you a hug and thank you so much for meeting me here! I am so honored that you have taken time to read about the greatness of God in our story! If you are looking for Him to be beautiful in your hard, for grace in your waiting, community through adoption, or just an honest account of how dang, hard it can be sometimes to be a waiting mama, or a mama to children who come from hard places, you are in the right place, sister!

I'm a grown and raised southern girl who love fall days, Clemson football, anything monogramed, coffee, dancing, a good glass of wine, laughing, shoes, fashion, good friends, Sunday lunch, and I really have a heart for the waiting mother.

I am a wife to my life crush. Truly he's a catch. I am mommy to the cutest brown kids you've ever seen. But more than anything, Jesus has captured my heart, and I am on a journey finding Him in the pain of infertility, and the joys of adoption (and life's other journeys).

It is my absolute hope and prayer that you would glean encouragement and healing from Father throughout these pages. I pray that as you read parts of our story, He will encourage you in yours.

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