I wish I could invite you over to my house, pour you some coffee, and talk. Like really talk. Heart talk, with you. So cuddle on up. Pretend the fire is crackling, your hands are warm from your coffee, and let me tell you our little story. I'd really love to hear yours too!

My husband is a dream come true. He’s my best friend and I love him so. Our marriage isn't perfect, but we still dance in the kitchen after the children are asleep. He is the man I have faithfully prayed for since I was 12. We actually didn't share our first kiss until we got married. Crazy, I know! He has a sweet heart for Jesus and I love the way he humbly leads our family. It was around year three of marriage when we started "trying" to have a baby.

At first, I counted days and eagerly expected every month, those two pink lines. Six months had passed and I really started to worry. After almost a year and a half, we went to an infertility clinic, and to make a long story short, realized that we would have extremely low chances of ever conceiving naturally. You can read more of my infertility journey here.

After yet another year of infertility treatments and no swollen belly, our hearts and my body were done. We were deciding whether or not to pursue a more aggressive infertility treatment and were in a time crunch to make a decision. (If you have walked this journey, you know everything revolves around "Day One.") A friend invited us to an orphan care meeting at our church. And by the time we walked out to our car to go home, God had already funded half of the adoption that he confirmed in both our hearts during that meeting. You can read more details of that miracle, here.

We immediately started the adoption process through a local agency. We were scared, broken, and very raw. But God used those short months of waiting for our daughter to balm our hearts and began a work of healing. He taught us so much about ourselves and our adoption as His son and daughter.

On November 4th, 2013 we got our two pink lines, a positive pregnancy test, if you will. We got the call that we were matched with our birth mom. Every time we prayed for our baby, we prayed for our birth mom. We had no idea the sweet relationship the Lord would cultivate because of this child. We consider her family and she will always be a hero in our home.

On December 21, 2013, God's faithfulness was wrapped up in a 6 pound 5 ounce beautiful baby girl.

Selah Grace Satterfield.

God has written a beautiful story of grace over her little life already. She has taught this mommy heart more about the love of the Father, than I have learned in my whole life. She pushes me to a place of needing Him. And I have found Him in the dark, barren parts of my heart too.

A few months after bringing Selah home, we found out she was going to be a big sister!

After one failed adoption, a few months later, we welcomed Micah into our family. God really writes the best stories!  

So... as we finish up our coffee together, I hope you have seen past our messy, beautiful story to an absolutely breath-taking, very faithful God. He is so beautiful, isn't He?

Thanks for meeting with me today! I really loved our time together!