A Cup Full of Hope Podcast


Caroline and I met two years ago on Instagram. Can you believe that? Very quickly we became close friends. Have you ever met those people you feel you’ve known each other your whole life? That’s what it was like when I met Caroline.

What I loved about her was her steadfast faith and refusal to believe anything other than what her Father says. Before we knew it, we were best friends and the Father has cultivated something incredibly beautiful from such an unlikely place (insta). I love when He does that!

About a year ago, we would be in the middle of a conversation about Father and say, “So many people need to hear this! I sure wish I had this revelation five years ago!” And we felt the Father inviting us to start this podcast! So we went after it! And after lots of work and laughs along the way, here we are!

It feels like we birthed a baby!

So because I’m a proud mama, head over to acupfullofhopepodcast.com!