My Fall Favorites


Hey friend! I'm back!

It's been a few weeks since I posted last. I missed you. And I missed these keys. The days are flying by faster than I wish, but man, have they been so full. We've been so busy we ran out of clothes because I haven't had time to do laundry for my family (#supermom), much less sit down to write a little. Whether we had clean clothes today or not, I was writing to you. Good news. I caught up on laundry (mostly) last night. So that's nice. It finally turned fall over here. So I finally turned the heat on last night after Selah's monitor kept beeping at me, giving me a "too cold for baby" alert. Um. Probably time to turn the heat on. When you have to wear a parka in your house, it's time. 


The last few months have been so busy, they've gone by so fast. And it makes me breathe deep and laugh/cry at the same time. My babies aren't babies anymore. WAAAAAHHHHHH. Selah keeps asking if she can buy "chunkins" from Target. Also translated to "shopkins." She loves those things. Specifically the rainbow color one? I don't know, I just shake my head. Micah calls the water draining out of the bathroom a "tomato," and I melt EVERY.TIME. Why do they have to grow up?! Just why? I keep praying my mind can hold every moment of these days.  I take pictures all the time to help me remember. But it's just not the same, you know?


Our Monday afternoons are spent at dance with Mrs. Kelly. Selah says she makes a pie with her feet and holds a beach ball when she's a ballerina. Then she taps her little heart out and "does flips" during tumbling. While she's having the time of her life, I'm trying to survive in the car with two wild boys for 45 minutes. Help me Jesus.


We've done all the fall things. We went to apple orchard and got attacked by bees and little black bugs. No one was interested in picking apples except Brandon and me, so we just grabbed a bag pre-picked. And Selah and I took lots of selfies. 


Every year we go to the pumpkin patch with one of my besties, Katie. She's gone with us every year before she even had kids, and this year she brought her sweet boy with us too! My sister and her family joined in on the fun and it was the best. This was the day before I got super sick. Seriously, walking pneumonia is for the stinkin birds. 


One of my favorite things about this fall is that my ministry, The Garden, officially launched. The first Sunday of every month, women walking through infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, and adoption meet together. We feast and fellowship. Worship and get filled up with the Word. And every single time, we walk away from the night filled up with hope. These women are my people and what Father is growing there is so beautiful. 


My dear friends, Alex and Staci, who are on the leadership team of The Garden, went to the Moms in the Making Conference with me in Dallas, Texas a few weeks ago. I was a breakthrough session speaker at the conference and really had so much confirmed in me that weekend in regards to my ministry and calling. Things I've been praying in the secret place, all scribbled in my journals, were spoken out loud over me that weekend. It truly was the sweetest weekend. And I loved experiencing it with those two girls! PS the conference was AMAZING. For sure going back next year! Come join me!


We had an early flight into Dallas, and on the whim, rented a car and drove straight to Waco before the conference started. And it JUST so happened to be that it was Silobration!!!!!!!! AND my best friend from My Tribe, was ALSO there!!!!!!! So we got a picture all the way across the country together. I know it seems like a little thing, but there's so much depth and meaning for us both being there. It was truly a gift. 


I saw this sign and immediately got water in my eyes. I posted this on Instagram and so many people were like, "Wait, are you pregnant?" Nope. Not YET. But we are still standing in faith and believe without doubt, Father will open my womb. We're already thanking Him in advance and "enlarging our tents" in faith like Isaiah says in chapter 54. All three of us girls, bought swaddles for our babies that will come one day. 


My precious friend, Caroline (who also is the founder of Moms in the Making), and I have developed the sweetest friendship over the last year or so, and it was so sweet to finally hug her neck in person. It's weird knowing someone so deeply and not have ever met them in person. But we finally got to meet! Standing in faith with her for her miracle too. It's so incredibly precious walking this road with friends who find Him to be the gift during the wait. 


I'm finally feeling better (after the walking dead pneumonia). I spoke this weekend to a group of women hungry for Him (I can speak to your women too, just fill out this form), and sounded like a frog. I kept remembering God spoke through a donkey in the Old Testament once. So I guess it was okay. I'm back at it this morning. Writing, mothering, wifeing (is that a thing?), stamping, loving on the women in The Garden, basically I'm living the days I dreamed about. When we figure out our gifts and start walking in them, there is such joy that comes from pouring your life out. And then being filled up by Him in the secret. It's my favorite. He's my favorite. 


Speaking of stamping, I have lots of new things up in my Etsy shop! Christmas is just around the corner and this hand stamped jelewry makes the perfect gift!


You can shop here! (You have no idea what a blessing every purchase is to our family and ministry! It really means so much to me!)


My Fall Favorites

There you have it. My fall favs. 

Happy Monday friends! Love to you!