JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

I have a thing for watches.

There, I said it.

I like jewelry. A lot. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that. But I really have a thing for watches. And when I find something I really like, I can’t help myself but to share about it. I guess it’s that evangelistic gifting in me. When I find something I really love, why wouldn’t I share?! And let me tell you, I will never share something here that I do not LOVE!

I’m obsessed with JORD watches. A few years ago, they sent me one, and I’m not lying when I say I’ve worn it everyday. I have the Frankie, Zebrawood and Champagne. So when they reached out and wanted to give, you, my friends, a watch, I was on that like white on rice.

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