Micah's Diagnosis. A Year Later.

Micah's Diagnosis. A Year Later.

We waited three and a half hours to see the Neuro Surgeon that day.

We sat in those hard chairs with a fussy ten month old and took turns walking him around the waiting room. We watched our favorite Peds Surgery nurse take back patients one by one, all the while, waiting on the Neuro nurse to call Micah's name. We kept looking at our watches, because we had a benefit to attend that night and perfectly scheduled grandparents to keep Selah for that appointment and then the benefit. The minutes turned into hours and we knew we weren't making it.

Finally. They called our name.

Micah had been having trouble stabilizing his blood sugar so our pediatrician wanted to take a peek at this pituitary gland on a MRI, just to rule it out. We totally weren't concerned at all about this MRI. But he called me a few days later and asked me if I was sitting down and if Brandon was home. I remember telling him Brandon was upstairs getting ready to go into work (he works night shift), and I told him I couldn't sit down I was cooking supper. (Mom's don't sit down at 5 pm.)

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