Come and Listen

This weekend was our annual couples ski trip to the mountains. After such a busy week, I honestly was dreading it. It was our first time leaving Selah, and I found myself shoving shoes and clothes in our bag that morning at 5:30 before work.

We were the last couple to arrive because of our schedules, and I wasn't feeling great. I even told my mom on the phone before we got there, how I just needed a few days to sleep. I wasn't in the mood to laugh and joke around. The weight of the week and all the responsibilities I was leaving behind lingered in the back of my head.

The farther we drove, just Brandon and I, the nicer it felt to get away. And once we got there, we had so much fun! It was EXACTLY what we needed. We laughed and hugged. Talked about our growing babies and our imperfect, sweet marriages. And He was there. Enjoying us and together, we enjoyed Him.

I woke up early Sunday morning and met Him at the dining room table. I looked out the window and saw this.

All of His beauty.

And I thought of you.

I've heard from so many of you over the last few weeks and noticed there are quite a few new faces around here. I read each comment and every email and absolutely love when you share your story with me! Oh, how I wish I could invite each one of you over to my house and pour you some coffee while you share your soul with me. But for now, we'll do that here.

I wanted to make you aware there are going to be some new changes. So our little space might look different, but know that it is still the same! If you are new, first of all, welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so very honored to have you! If you do not want to miss a post, simply type your email in the box on the right side bar. Then each post will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Know that I pray for you, sweet friend. I really do. I pray that God uses these words to woo your heart to know Him more and that you will find Him in your waiting. Whatever that might be.

So let's laugh, hug, and even cry a little sometimes. I invite you to come and gaze upon His beauty with me!


Come and listen, all you who fear God,

and I will tell you what he did for me." Psalm 66:16 NLT

New Year, New Dance

Free. I am free.

Little blue birds tweet and flitter above. The grass beneath is soft and able to bear the weight of my dancing feet. The flowers. Oh, they're so beautiful. They're everywhere. I hear laughter, the cackling kind. And it smells like cinnamon. Warm, and cozy like home. 

And I am free to dance with Him. To enjoy Him. To delight in Him. To find Him. Not the Heavenly Father that I've come so well to know, but My Husband, my Lover.

Here in this field, I am free.

Not wrapped up tightly in a box of perfection with a perfect bow, but able to be messy. Not worried about controlling the imperfect, but living freely in it.

Not fearful of what

others think

, because they aren't in this field. It's just Him and me. And if they were, I wouldn't notice them, He's too beautiful.

Not scared and unqualified for what I feel He's called me to, but here in this field, I am brave, and free to dream. To dream BIG about caring for His daughters.

But more than all of these, I am free to know Him. I know what He looks like from this side, but there are parts of Him peeking out that I long to know.

"I think God is like a kaleidoscope. God is unchanging, but we're standing on the image we see. One day we wake up and find that God has shifted the image. Everything looks different. The world looks different. The world seems new. The trick is learning how to recognize that all the old colors are still there. It's just the patterns that have changed." -Preston Yancey,

Tables in the Wilderness

In this new year, I have a new dance. And it feels so free. I'll be the first to tell you, I don't have moves. But I'm finding them in the rhythm of His love.  

Yes, we need to quit drinking soda. We really need to put our phones down more, and for heaven's sake, the gym is calling our names. But by April, when we have caved and drank that soda, we'll be reminded once again of our failure.

It's different with Him. If we resolve to know Him more, we will not fail.

And He surely never fails.

Sweet sister, won't you come dance with me?

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord." Jeremiah 29:13-14a

*Photos by Rachel Ackerman Photography*

The Packpack Boy and My Fear

"The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe." Proverbs 29:25 ESV

Braedon Hollifield. The cutest little, Asian guy I've ever seen. He was tall for a first grader and was obsessed with super heroes. His big brown eyes sparkled like little boys eyes should. And sometimes when he needed a haircut, a few pieces of his straight hair would stand up right in the middle of his head if the wind caught it right. He was 100 percent boy, full of energy, and quite simply, a funny kid. He spent most of his time, clipped on the yellow lily pad hanging in my classroom for behavior... but his heart. He had the most tender heart of all the children I have ever taught.

Braedon is the main character in one of my favorite first grade stories. Every morning he would run down the hall, late, with his hair flopping in the wind. On this particular morning, he made it to my classroom door, took several deep breaths, put his hands on his knees, and then he leaned up against the wall. He couldn't quite make the "r" sound and said, "Mrs. Satterfield, I'm sorry I am late. I couldn't find my packpack. We were looking for it everywhere! But don't worry, it was in the car!" Honestly, that kid could be late everyday as long as he would call his backpack a packpack! He was so stinking cute! It wasn't until December when he finally realized it was called a "backpack."

Several days had past and I noticed that Braedon wasn't his normal self. He was really tired and emotional. I called him to my table to read with me while the other children were in stations around the room. I told him that I had noticed that he seemed tired and I asked him if he was getting enough sleep. His face grew sad and tears welled up in his big, brown eyes. He shared with me how his family watched a scary movie over the weekend and every night when he would try to go to sleep he would see "dark things" in his room that made him feel scared. The movie that his family watched is one I wouldn't dare watch myself. I immediately knew he wasn't just scared of monsters under his bed.

I told Braedon that I have been scared before and knew exactly how he felt. I shared with him how even grown-ups get scared. I told him that God is stronger than Superman, faster than Spiderman, and tougher than Ironman. You should have seen his face! I told him, "All you have to do is tell God you are scared. Tell Him that you trust in Him to keep you safe. And He will. I promise." I asked him when he went to bed and told him "when the big hand is on the twelve and the little hand is on the eight" I am going to pray that God will keep you safe. He even watched me set an alarm on my phone to remind me to pray for him. I gave him a great big hug, wiped the tears off his face, and then prayed, "God, you HAVE to answer his prayer tonight. I just promised him that you would. You HAVE to!"

Fear has always been something I struggle with. My childhood was uncertain and not stable at times. I got really good at being scared. I was fearful about the future, what others thought of me, and my performance. I was always trying so hard to be the prettiest, the smartest, the best. I worked for other's love, approval, and acceptance.

It only took Braedon until December to learn his backpack lesson, but I feel like this is a lesson I am consistently learning. Proverbs says fear is a snare. It traps it's victims and they get stuck. When I am working for approval, I miss out on the freedom and safety of being Christ's sister. Because I am in Christ, the Father looks at me and sees His Beloved Son. He thinks His Son is the best! He is a part of the family, valued, accepted, cherished, and loved. And because Jesus is all of those things, I am too, because I am in Him. I've felt the Spirit say to my heart so much this summer, "All you have to do is tell me you're scared. Tell me you trust in me. I'll keep you safe."

After my conversation with Braedon that day, at eight o'clock, I prayed that God would hear and answer Braedon's prayer. I prayed his sweet little heart could cry out to ask for our Hero's help. I woke up the next morning anticipating Braedon's grand entrance into my classroom. I was standing outside my door welcoming in the late stragglers, and saw Braedon turn the corner, running down the hallway as he normally did. This time not only was he running in the hall, he was SCREAMING in the hall, "MRS. SATTERFIELD!!!! HE DID IT!!!!! HE ANSWERED MY PRAYER!!!"

After I quickly wiped the tears off my face, I gave Braedon another big hug and thanked the Father for His faithfulness. Braedon and I learned a valuable lesson in room 204 that day. I basked in the safety of God and tried to keep up with all of Braedon's energy!