Happy Gotcha Day!

I cannot believe it has already been one year since our baby has shared our last name. She was so tiny. And squishy!

She is so wanted. We waited what felt like an eternity to be her parents.

Every time I bend down to buckle her car seat, put in her bow for the hundredth time, or sing the Wheels on the Bus, I remember all those negative tests. All those nights of rubbing a barren belly wishing for someone to call me mommy. 

She is so worth the wait. We are humbled out of all the little girls in the world, and all the parents in the world, He made us family. Forever. 

We celebrate you, sweet girl. And the beautiful soul who chose life for you, and even more, the the beautiful God who is writing your beautiful story! We are so honored to watch!

You better believe she will hear

this story


Her first year as our daughter has been nothing short of beautiful! We love her more than words can say.