"You feast. I'll fight." (Part 1)

"You feast. I'll fight." (Part 1)

It was a Monday night at 11 PM and I was painting my sitting room dreaming with Father about making it an office. I had met with Him for years on that white couch. But as my ministry has grown, I suddenly found myself with more responsibilities. I needed a place to create, to dream, to write, and handle all.the.things.

I really needed an office. 

I started a Pinterest board several months ago, casting vision for this space. I envisioned a beautiful, feminine space with lots of white, golds, and pinks. I wanted the feel of the room to be soft and airy, but warm and cozy. I could already imagine myself wrapped up in a blanket on that white couch with my Bible, journal, and coffee. 

As I was painting the room late that Monday night, I was talking with Father asking Him to open heaven over that room. Asking Him to give me vision for the Kingdom work that would take place there. We GET to colabor with Him! Isn't that so exciting?! Because He's my Papa, I get to work in the family business! He invites us to join Him where He is working, to work alongside Him, growing His Kingdom. That's what I want more than anything. My family, this blog, my speaking, my writing, my local ministry, I want it all to step into what He's already doing and work alongside Him. Every bit of it is His. Even a tiny thing like my office.

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