New Year, New Dance

Free. I am free.

Little blue birds tweet and flitter above. The grass beneath is soft and able to bear the weight of my dancing feet. The flowers. Oh, they're so beautiful. They're everywhere. I hear laughter, the cackling kind. And it smells like cinnamon. Warm, and cozy like home. 

And I am free to dance with Him. To enjoy Him. To delight in Him. To find Him. Not the Heavenly Father that I've come so well to know, but My Husband, my Lover.

Here in this field, I am free.

Not wrapped up tightly in a box of perfection with a perfect bow, but able to be messy. Not worried about controlling the imperfect, but living freely in it.

Not fearful of what

others think

, because they aren't in this field. It's just Him and me. And if they were, I wouldn't notice them, He's too beautiful.

Not scared and unqualified for what I feel He's called me to, but here in this field, I am brave, and free to dream. To dream BIG about caring for His daughters.

But more than all of these, I am free to know Him. I know what He looks like from this side, but there are parts of Him peeking out that I long to know.

"I think God is like a kaleidoscope. God is unchanging, but we're standing on the image we see. One day we wake up and find that God has shifted the image. Everything looks different. The world looks different. The world seems new. The trick is learning how to recognize that all the old colors are still there. It's just the patterns that have changed." -Preston Yancey,

Tables in the Wilderness

In this new year, I have a new dance. And it feels so free. I'll be the first to tell you, I don't have moves. But I'm finding them in the rhythm of His love.  

Yes, we need to quit drinking soda. We really need to put our phones down more, and for heaven's sake, the gym is calling our names. But by April, when we have caved and drank that soda, we'll be reminded once again of our failure.

It's different with Him. If we resolve to know Him more, we will not fail.

And He surely never fails.

Sweet sister, won't you come dance with me?

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord." Jeremiah 29:13-14a

*Photos by Rachel Ackerman Photography*