The Word on Display

The Word on Display

We put the crib up in faith.

I bought another Solly wrap. And wall art. My mom found the most beautiful dresser. And I started dreaming over this room, just like I had for my other two.

After all these years of negative pregnancy tests, we still believe we’ll see the manifestation of healing in my body. That one day, I’ll finally see a positive test and watch as my belly grows with miracles. We believe this because we know God is good. We know His Father’s heart is healing and wholeness for His children.

Two summers ago, instead of decorating a nursery in this room, I was filling it with transformers and legos. I studied the early and latter rains that summer. And knew that our foster son was the early rains for our family. God isn’t finished writing our story. The latter rains are coming.

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