10 Years Down, Forever to Go

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We got away just the two of us for a week in paradise. 

We had these big plans when we were newlyweds that our tenth anniversary we’d go to Hawaii or someplace like that. But then life happened. We paid for several rounds of infertility treatments, two adoptions, lots of unexpected medical procedures for Micah and before we knew it, Hawaii just wasn’t going to happen.  

But it didn’t matter to us. I know this sounds cheesy, but just give me this man, a beach, a book, and fruity drinks and that’s my paradise. So we took our thousandth cruise to the Bahamas and loved every single sun-kissed second.  

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I’ve jumped on the gluten-free ban wagon. (I know, I know.) Let me just tell you, that does not apply when you’re on a cruise. So pass me that bread and give me all the fish tacos. Because no one has time to be gluten-free on a cruise. I promise you I was the most swollen I’ve ever seen myself, but it was worth it. Every single bite. We ate our weight in tacos and burgers. And drank all the frozen fruity drinks our hearts could desire.

Talk about feasting, boy, did we feast. 

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I literally sat in a beach chair for five straight days without being interrupted, without anyone needing me, and without getting up unless I just felt like it. I started and finished Andrew Wommack’s Living in the Balance of Faith and Grace, and holy fire balls it was so stinking good. I can’t recommend it enough. I couldn’t help myself but I kept posting quotes in my Insta stories because every word in that book is fire! There were a few times I wanted to get up and run laps around the deck but instead I kept poking Brandon and would say, “Listen to this!” 

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After we had enough sun for the day, we went to fancy dinners and talked about all the things. Sometimes we didn’t say a word but just enjoyed being together. His work schedule is so crazy, being together for a whole week was probably my favorite. 

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We took lots of naps and slept in for the most part. Let’s be real, I really needed to get those certain seats with the view. So most mornings I held our seats and read in John and thought about how the Father’s love for me was deeper than the water we were sailing over. 

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We got off the boat in Nassau just to get a few things for the kids. My mom and step dad kept them for us and knowing they were safe and happy was the only way we were able to get so much rest.  

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I prayed so much for this trip. Just asking the Father to pour out His rest and breakthrough and vision for the next ten years over us. I figured there would have been a moment of revelation or a certain conversation that set the tone for the next ten. But there wasn’t. 

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What He keeps showing me is that sometimes I’m talking with Him so much about the next thing, I miss the breakthrough and beauty of what He’s already answered in the now.  

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So we soaked up every beautiful moment together. We laughed a lot. We talked about how much we love our babies. We chuckled at how our life looks so much differently than we thought it would ten years ago, but how incredibly thankful we are for it. We dreamed a little. But mostly we just loved being together. 

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And I was reminded how much I love us.

I’m his. He’s mine.

Ten years down, forever to go.