2,000 Words Podcast

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When April McKinney first emailed asking me to be on her show, I was in Dallas, TX with two of my dear friends Caroline and Lauren. I skimmed through the email and read names like Lisa Bevere, Mo Isom, Kim Walker Smith, Katie Davis Majors, and Missy Robertson, I was certain she emailed the wrong girl. I leaned across our subs at lunch and said to them, “Do you see this too?” 

I keep giving Him my weak “yes,” and He keeps blowing my mind. He brought me into a season of learning what it means to rest, to strive to enter into rest, at the beginning of the year. And I keep seeing Him produce the most amazing fruit in a season of my life where I have stay tucked away in the secret place with Him. The most beautiful “work” that has been produced in this season has felt nothing like work, it’s felt like love. Just growing in love with Him. If you want your business to explode, or your ministry to grow, or your family to flourish, fall in love with Him in the secret place. Make resting in His presence every day a priority. 

I had the best time talking with April. I just love women who are going after God, walking in their callings, and doing it with babies at home. She’s one of those girls. Her podcast is all about giving a space for women who are influencing their families and communities through their God given gifts, passions, and callings a space to share their stories. 

In our time together, I talk about how our story hasn’t look anything like what we thought it would. Just as our two adopted babies are complete miracles, how we’re still believing for healing in my body through a miracle pregnancy. And how, our ministry, The Garden, was birthed out of this pain. I talk a little about our foster care journey and what it looks like fostering an older child. I also share my favorite beauty items and my current have-to-have foods! 

I’m praying parts of our story meet you right where you are and breathe fresh hope into yours. It’s such an honor to journey alongside of you. Thank you for always doing the same for me. 

You can take a listen here.