Cheese…..and hamburgers!

So we are in the midst of our paperwork…..NIGHTMARE! Really,
it’s not THAT bad, but kinda. I saw this picture on Pinterest that said, “Screw
this paperwork! Just kidding, I really want to grow our family and need these
forms for our agency.” Soooo very true! 😉 We are trucking right along through
it. We are so thankful for our friends in our Orphan Care Ministry who have
supported us and answered text and calls really fast!

I am sure some of you are thinking, as I did, what all this
paperwork entails. Well, we both had to get physicals, of course SLED checks
and fingerprints, income verification, Bella’s (our dog) vaccination verification, LONG questionnaires
about our families (that was interesting 🙂
insurance verification, and so on and so on. There is sooo much! However, it is

Where are we in the process? Well, two weeks ago we went to
a required information meeting. After attendance of this meeting, we were able
to request our formal application. We completed it in two days. 🙂
Then we were sent all
the paperwork. I feel rushed with this paperwork because there is a required
training in Columbia on June 28. However, only THREE couples from Greenville
can attend at a time. So basically, whoever finishes their paperwork the
fastest (I promise that’s a word, my first graders use it all the time!). I
have been so overwhelmed and trying to rush everything because if we don’t get
in that training, there isn’t another one until AUGUST!!!! BAD time to miss as
a teacher, and plus, we wanted a baby YESTERDAY!

The poor nurse at the doctor. I think I scared her to death.
After my physical, there was paperwork that had to be sent to the Columbia
office by our doctor. I made her promise, almost pinky, that she would
personally take care of that herself. I said, “You are holding very important
papers in your hand, and they must get there!” Sweet girl, promised! 🙂

After all that worrying, I was quickly reminded that if God
wants us in the June meeting, by all means, we will get there. If He wants us
to wait until August, it is for His glory and our good! Why is this still so
hard for me? You would think after all we’ve been through, I would know I AM
NOT IN CONTROL! Hello, Jessica!!! “In Him all things hold together.” Get that! I’m sure you never find these
qualities in yourself! 😉

After our paperwork is submitted, we will be able to attend
the training (whatever time that is). From what I understand, once our
paperwork is submitted, they will be able to begin our home study. Once the
home study is complete, and we finished the training, we will be waiting on a

During the home study, we will be making a photo book, for
expectant mothers (this is the lingo…she is not our birthmother until our baby is born) to look through. In this book will be everything that makes
the Satterfield’s the Satterfield’s. We’ll put pictures of our house,
vacations, hobbies, family, and friends. Basically it’s a peek into our life.

So…being that Brandon and I will be married for 5
sweet years on June 21st and haven’t had pictures taken since our wedding…..we had our
pictures made to document this journey and put in our photo book. James (my
brother-in-law) has a friend, Alex Smith, who is EXCELLENT at this. He offered
to give us a photo shoot, and let me tell you, he is AWESOME!

We had such a great time and we are so thankful! He did a great job! Here is a link to his website: Check out his work!

I have to admit, my husband is a complete hottie and could be a model! He is so handsome and I am so lucky he’s mine! Here are some pictures from our shoot……. Cheese! 🙂