Grace While We Wait

I was coming home from meeting Brandon at the gym yesterday
and was in a really big hurry. We had a meeting after school and we were having
Community Group at our house. It’s my favorite night of the week, but it’s
difficult cooking for ten people. I came home back roads from the gym and
normally this is the quickest way to get home around rush hour in Greenville.
Until……..a TRAIN!!! I pulled up and heard the bells ringing and saw the lights
flashing. As I was sitting there so many thoughts were running through my mind.
“What do people even use trains for anymore?” Then I started wondering what the
train was carrying. I know I’m crazy, but my husband is in love with Bond, and I
could just envision James Bond on top of the train fighting the “bad guy.” Or a
cart (is that what they call them?) filled with secret spy stuff, you know in
case of an emergency. 🙂

Yeah right! Not in Mauldin!

I quickly came back to reality, and realized what should
have been a seven minute trip home had now become thirty. And, I was still sitting
there waiting on this train! Then I started panicking, thinking about my sweet
friends who were coming over very soon, hungry! The cars in front of me and
behind me started making three-point turns to go a different route to their
destination. As I sat there watching the carts pass by, I knew the end was
coming. The train had to end and the road would be clear. Should I wait there,
no matter how long, knowing the train would end? Or should I just turn around
like all the other cars and go a different way?

I waited a few more minutes, and felt so annoyed. I finally
turned around like everyone else. Wouldn’t you know, by the time I turned
around, the train started moving and passed. Had I waited, I would have been
the first one to go, but because I became impatient, I now had to wait for both
lanes to clear before I could head home and start dinner.

As I was now waiting for the cars to pass, I felt the Spirit
say to me, “You do this to me, too. You get impatient with my perfect plan
because it doesn’t come in the time you think it should, and choose to fix it
for yourself. The truth is while you’re waiting, I am working.” Habakkuk 2:3
says, “For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end-
it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will
not delay.” There in the midst of my busy day, waiting on a silly train, the
Spirit spoke truth to my heart.

As Brandon and I were talking about our day after our
favorite night with our friends and a yummy dinner that was cooked in plenty of
time, 🙂
talked about all the people in the Bible who waited on God. Abraham waited on
Isaac, Moses and the Israelites waited on the Promised Land, Hannah waited on
Samuel, Jacob worked and waited for seven years for Rachael, Joseph waited to
get out of jail, and Anna and Simeon waited to hold Jesus. These are only a few
stories of waiting in the Bible.

Brandon reminded me of Joseph’s story. Can you imagine? Waiting
to get out of prison for a crime you didn’t commit! Joseph is a hero to me. I
love to study his story. I want his faith. And even Joseph became impatient. He
asked the cup bearer to remember him so he could hurry and get out of jail, when
he ended up waiting another seven years. But can you blame him?

However, in Joseph’s waiting, God was orchestrating a beautiful
story that would save His people. And Joseph was able to be a part of God’s
great story. So often, when I “turn around waiting on my train to pass,” I forfeit
the honor of being a part of God’s story. Oh, how I want to wait! I so desperately
want to be a part of what God is doing in His world for His Kingdom! I just
have to wait….wait on Him while He is working.

Right now for us, that waiting looks like showing grace to
the people in our lives who are hesitant to our adoption while God works in
their hearts. That waiting, is us praying for our birthmother and sweet baby.
We are waiting, watching God fund this adoption. We are waiting for our paper
work and home study. We are waiting as God prepares our hearts to be parents and
so perfectly orchestrates this story in our lives for His glory and our good.

I just to HATE to wait on things. It has been so hard for me
to understand what you “do” when you wait. Our church has been studying Hebrews
this school year, and through this study, it’s finally clicked for me. Here it
is…are you ready? What do you do while you wait? Rest. How do you rest? Rest in
knowing that Jesus, “sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.” (Heb.
1:3) He has done it all! He is still doing it all! Because He sat down,
His job was finished. He sat down so you and me don’t have to work. While you
are waiting on Him to show up in a bad marriage, waiting on Him to heal your
baby, waiting on Him to provide a house or a job, waiting on Him for an answer,
waiting on Him to bring you a husband, waiting on Him to work in a hard heart,
just rest. Just rest in His working, and hold fast to this hope. (Heb. 3:6)

Sometimes when my heart is too full of hurt and I am so
overwhelmed by the “hard,” I just climb up on my Daddy’s lap, listen to His
heart, and rest in what He has done. I can sometimes almost feel His big arms
wrap around my weary heart, and sweet breathe whisper in my hair. Oh, dear
friend, just climb on up today. Rest in His working and hold fast to His hope.
I’m praying for grace while we wait.