It was like Christmas morning!

I’ve had several moments of sheer excitement this week! If
you know me well, you know it doesn’t take much! Once was this morning when I was
leaving the house. I looked in our living room, and Santa came! It was filled
with boxes of all the fun things we ordered recently! We ordered our nursery
furniture complete with the cutest crib, hutch, and a rocker I HAD to have! We also
ordered our travel system! We went to Lowes and got our paint for the nursery
too! Our plan is to get it painted this weekend and next weekend get the
furniture put together. I’ll post some pictures soon! When you have dreamed of
being a mommy as long as I have, you’ll browse through the baby isle at Target
and pick out all the “cute” stuff in your brain. The past two weeks, I have
been a real, live shopping mommy, no more dreaming! It was so fun to see all of
our goodies this morning! It’s starting to get very real!

We’ve made several trips to Buy Buy Baby in the last few
weeks. I can’t tell you how many times someone has stopped me saying, “You sure
don’t look like you’re pregnant!” When I tell them I am not, and that we are
adopting, I get the craziest looks sometimes. I guess some people just don’t
know how to respond, and that’s alright. It won’t be the last time we’ll get crazy
looks. 🙂

And we’re okay with that!

The other moment of excitement this week happened one night
as I was praying. Sometimes I just get this overwhelming feeling from the
Spirit to pray for our birthmother. Of course selfishly, I pray that she is getting
prenatal care, taking her vitamins, and staying away from drugs and alcohol. Although
I know this is more than likely not the case. More importantly I pray for her
heart. I want her to know Jesus. I want her to know the great depths of His
love for her. I want her to have Him to lean on when the baby that has been
growing in her for nine months becomes ours. Will you help me pray for her? More
about this later….that is a whole different blog post!

As I was praying for her, it hit me that our baby, our
forever baby, is growing SOMEWHERE in this world! Isn’t that CRAZY?! And
exciting! Our sweet baby Satterfield is just a “little noodle” (as Brandon calls
it) in some girl’s belly! Ah!! I cannot wait! Of course then my prayers start
for the baby. I pray for it to be healthy, and for our bonding.  That Brandon and I will lean in to the Spirit
as we make decisions as parents. I pray that Brandon and my relationship will
always come first and we will love out of our overflow love of Jesus. I pray
that our baby will see the Gospel on display in our marriage. But most of all, I
am praying for the day that his or her heart and mouth confess Jesus. That will
be the REAL adoption!  And that is real,
live, true excitement! Better than Christmas morning!