Dancing in the Kitchen

I was stamping jewelry today and that song, “10,000 Reasons”
came on my Pandora station. If someone walked up to my front door they might
have thought I lost it. My most intimate times with Jesus are when I am at home
alone listening to worship music. I often find my heart so overwhelmed by His
Spirit and goodness to me. These sweet times always end with me dancing around
and around with Him in my kitchen while tears stream down my face.   

As I was listening to that song, I was naming reasons for my
heart to bless Him. There could be literally 10,000. I’ll tell you about a few
of them that have happened lately….

I was at one of our dear friend’s, little girl’s, birthday
party and was talking with a woman who has adopted three boys. She encouraged us
and told us how she was praying for us (reason #9,089 to bless the Lord). She
said, “We go through just as much pain through the adoption process as a mother
in labor, it just looks a little different.” I’ve felt some of that lately.

There is still a little ache in my heart when I see a
pregnant woman, or hear of another pregnancy announcement. This is so
frustrating, because I feel that I have already completely grieved having
biological children. I have heard from many moms that this just takes time. I
don’t like that. I like to be over things! I know that God is still healing my
heart, even though He has brought it a LOONNNGGGG way (reason #8,706)! I’m a
work in progress (reason # 7,312). Brandon would totally agree! 😉

We FINALLY completed our first big batch of paperwork
(reason # 3,568). I just received confirmation that Bethany received it in
Columbia (reason # 2,870). You know how I asked you to pray for us to get into
the June 28th meeting? Guess what?! We were the THIRD and final
couple from Greenville (reason # 863) to be accepted!!!!  Hopefully, we’ll hear from them soon, and they
will start our home study.

On the hard days, I’ll go into our cute nursery (reason #
5,421) and sit in the floor. I think about all the hard things (reason # 621) that
brought us to where we are now. I’ll just pray for our birthmother (reason # 5)
and let the Spirit remind me of God’s faithfulness (reason # 10) in the past. And
how one day (hopefully soon), that crib will hold our sweet baby (reason # 3).
Even now, that nursery is physical evidence of His faithfulness to us.

I am so very thankful that God continues to teach us to
trust Him and wait on Him through all of this. I know I’ve said this before,
but He is so precious to allow us to experience the good AND the hard so we
realize our need for Him. I love needing Him, it draws us nearer. My heart is
so full of reasons to bless Him today. Reasons that go beyond this adoption,
like my sweet husband, our marriage, families, community group, friends, home,
jobs, and many more. The most beautiful and most dear, is our way to the Father through
Jesus.  And
His relentless pursuit of my wretched heart, even when I was His enemy. His nearness and my accessibility to Him. His knowing me and still loving me. His
sovereignty and care for my heart.  I can
go on and on of reasons to bless this Prince who rescued me.

Take some time to name your reasons to bless Him, you might
even find yourself dancing in the kitchen!

“Bless the Lord, O my
soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!” Psalm 103:1