Come and Listen

This weekend was our annual couples ski trip to the mountains. After such a busy week, I honestly was dreading it. It was our first time leaving Selah, and I found myself shoving shoes and clothes in our bag that morning at 5:30 before work.

We were the last couple to arrive because of our schedules, and I wasn’t feeling great. I even told my mom on the phone before we got there, how I just needed a few days to sleep. I wasn’t in the mood to laugh and joke around. The weight of the week and all the responsibilities I was leaving behind lingered in the back of my head.

The farther we drove, just Brandon and I, the nicer it felt to get away. And once we got there, we had so much fun! It was EXACTLY what we needed. We laughed and hugged. Talked about our growing babies and our imperfect, sweet marriages. And He was there. Enjoying us and together, we enjoyed Him.

I woke up early Sunday morning and met Him at the dining room table. I looked out the window and saw this.

All of His beauty.

And I thought of you.

I’ve heard from so many of you over the last few weeks and noticed there are quite a few new faces around here. I read each comment and every email and absolutely love when you share your story with me! Oh, how I wish I could invite each one of you over to my house and pour you some coffee while you share your soul with me. But for now, we’ll do that here.

I wanted to make you aware there are going to be some new changes. So our little space might look different, but know that it is still the same! If you are new, first of all, welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by! I’m so very honored to have you! If you do not want to miss a post, simply type your email in the box on the right side bar. Then each post will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Know that I pray for you, sweet friend. I really do. I pray that God uses these words to woo your heart to know Him more and that you will find Him in your waiting. Whatever that might be.

So let’s laugh, hug, and even cry a little sometimes. I invite you to come and gaze upon His beauty with me!

Come and listen, all you who fear God,

and I will tell you what he did for me.” Psalm 66:16 NLT