It’s a BOY!!!!

If you have been following our story, you know over the summer, we were very close to adding another

Satterfield to our family


After we found out that it wasn’t going to happen, we immediately started praying about Satterfield Number Two, and what avenue we would take to get him or her home.

Because of my

barren womb,

we just don’t go off birth control to grow our family. It’s somewhat of a process, to say the very least.

Little did we know, when we were completely heartbroken over God’s “no” for one child, He was already growing His “yes” for us. And on September 13th, 2014 we found out we were going to be parents again!

God really writes the best stories. They are never what we expect, but always better than we could imagine. He has already been teaching me so much about Himself through this sweet baby’s story. Pray for us as we do mounds of paperwork, a homestudy, and prepare to be parents to TWO miracle babies. We can’t wait to meet him! And YES, it’s a BOY!!!!!

*Thank you to Rachel Ackerman Photography for the photos*