Grace In The Middle

Wendy Duke

, for most of my life. She and her husband taught me in Sunday School during my college years. I watched this story unfold, at a distance, before it was ever written on paper. I remember praying boldly for Baby Savannah throughout middle school. I was honored to watch her be baptized, and was encouraged through her story that God would be faithful to me, too.

Grace In The Middle

, tells a beautiful, raw account of Wendy’s journey from knowing about God to knowing the God-Man who has a face, and shares the deepest parts of His heart. After several miscarriages, Wendy finally gets pregnant with a sweet little girl. Only to find out, that her miracle baby would be born with only one leg, and later journey a grueling road, battling cancer.

Wendy shares the story of her courageous daughter, a community of grace that journeyed along side her, but mostly of an encounter with a very real God at the end of a hospital hallway. Throughout her story, Wendy finds her heart trusting God in the midst of the unthinkable.

Although my story is much different, in this season, I too, find myself sitting in different doctor’s offices, praying for a healthy baby. And just as He wrote a beautiful story of grace and faithfulness in Wendy’s family, He is doing the same in mine. I am finding grace in the middle. And, friend, you can too.

Go right now and get this book! And a box of tissues. I promise you won’t be able to put it down!