A Graceful December

The surgery we didn’t want him to have

). We have journeyed a long road with him. We have recently made big decisions that will affect the rest of his life. We have visited countless doctors asking for second opinions, who all say the same thing, and most of our afternoons are spent in therapy.

I watched his little chest rise and fall and listened to the rhythmic sound of his breathing while he slept peacefully. He was attached to all types of tubes. Those feeding him, giving him fluids, and monitoring him. As my heart completely ached, and I wiped tears away from tired eyes, I felt the Spirit say to me, “This is why I came.”

I’m writing over at my friend, Molly’s, blog today. Click


to finish reading the good news the Lord shared with me in Micah’s hospital room.

 Thank you for journeying with me throughout these pages. And more than anything thank you for praying for our sweet boy! Merry Christmas, my sweet friends, I’m praying He feels extra near to you today.

All my love,