A New Space

Youtube channel pic.JPG Youtube channel pic.JPG

I wish I could invite each of you to my living room and we could sit down and chat. I know I say this all the time. But it’s true. I hope you know how much I appreciate you showing up here, many of you, for years now. You reading these words, supporting me, and growing with me and the Father means more than you know! 

That’s why I love so much our time together on Thursday’s over on Facebook! So many of you send me emails asking questions that cover different topics (BTW keep those emails coming! If you have something you want me to discuss, send it over!), and I try to unpack those in our chats on Thursday’s. It’s so fun having you join with me in the conversation. So if you haven’t already, like my Facebook page and join me live on Thursday’s! 

I’ve also found another way for us to connect. Recently, I’ve started a YouTube channel (with the help of my YouTuber friends Kalyn and Robert)! Over on my channel, you’ll find a space that I’ve created to be full of hope and encouragement. There is still a teacher in me that fights to get out. Often times I can do this through written words, but it’s been giving me life lately to speak and interact face to face with women. (If you would like for me to come speak to your ladies, I would love to do that! Just click here for more information.) As awkward as it is for me to stare into a screen, knowing that the words I’m releasing can encourage you and invite you to have revelation on something you haven’t before, excites me to no end! So go check out what I have so far and subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss anything! 

Don’t you dare worry, I’ll still be meeting you here. It’s still my favorite place to meet you. There is just something about these keys that feels like home to me. And we have history together, there’s something to be said about that, right?! 

My heart is bursting with excitement for what Father is doing! It feels like what has been hidden for so long, the dreams I’ve merely whispered in the secret, I’m at the very beginning of watching Him speak them to life. There are so many more exciting things to come. 

So stay tuned. And know your friendship here in my little patch of land on the internet means the world to me. 

Here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect to find over on my YouTube channel!