Grace in the Wilderness

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Infertility is not who I am.

It’s not even what my story is about.

It’s just a chapter in my story, a season. And one day, before we know it, the page will turn and this chapter of infertility will come to an end. This season of infertility will be over and this promise that we have prayed for so long will be right before our eyes. 

Even then, I never want to forget what I’ve learned here. How I’ve needed Him. How He has become THE gift. How He has become THE promise. How I’ve found places of His heart I would have never found if it wasn’t for infertility. 

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The enemy is the stealer, killer, and destroyer. But God. He comes in and rewrites. What the enemy means for evil, He turns around for good. And Papa has done that in my story. Even now, before we’ve seen the manifestation of this promise, before healing has come. 

You really can have hope in the middle of despair. You really can find a beautiful oasis, a garden in the middle of the driest desert. You don’t have to wait until you meet your husband, or get pregnant, or finally get that job, or receive healing. Right where you are now, in the middle of the hard, you can find grace in the wilderness.

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You can find Him. 

photos by sophie brendle photography photos by sophie brendle photography

photos by sophie brendle photography

And He is way better that anything you’re waiting on. He is really what your heart is longing for. If you receive the gift without first falling in love with the Giver, the gift won’t mean nearly as much as you think it will.

Because it’s Him, who our hearts crave. 

I was so honored to be able to talk with author, Beth Forbus, on her podcast, Sarah’s Laughter. We talked about my journey through infertility, how Brandon and I are still waiting on a home grown miracle, and about my ministry, The Garden. 

But even if infertility isn’t a part of your story, whatever it is you’re waiting for, I am certain there is encouragement in it for you. 

I can’t thank you enough for journeying along with me. It means so much for you to keep meeting me here. Grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up on the couch, and listen to this chat. I hope it encourages you wherever you find yourself in your wait. 

Click here to listen…