A Chat With Happy Playces Podcast

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I had the best time chatting with my new friend, Katy, over at the Happy Playces Podcast! I love meeting new friends, and I just knew after several emails back and forth, that Katy was my kind of girl. If you’re new around here, I tell our story from the very beginning. I share how Brandon and I met, our journey through infertility, the story of Selah’s adoption, and I talk about what it’s like being a mama to a child with special needs.

I always talk about how fun it would be to have you, my blog friends, in my house, chatting with me on my couches. Well, this is exactly what Katy and I did. (Except does anyone like the way they sound when they listen to themselves? Because, um, I totally sound like a country bumpkin.) Although she’s across the country in Colorado, I put my kids to bed, and had the best convo with her on my couch! Truly, it was so fun! You have to take a listen!

You can listen to our chat here.

You can check out Katy’s awesome website here.

PS If have any ideas for our #thursdaythoughts chats on Facebook, will you email them to me? I love to hear from you and want to serve you well!