Heartgrown Box

When Carly, the owner and founder of Heartgrown Box, contacted me I knew I wanted to help support her in any way I could. I knew this was something that would be so special for mamas in the wait. 

There is so much waiting in adoption. Waiting for paperwork to clear. Waiting for appointments. Waiting for a home study. Waiting to be approved. And then there’s the waiting for “the call.” It’s exciting and exhausting all the same. I remember when we were waiting on Selah to come home, there were times I wondered if the wait would ever end. Waiting is so very hard.

Carly designed the Heartgrown Box to be a source of encouragement to mamas in the wait. Heartgrown Box is “a monthly care package, carefully curated to uplift and bring joy during the wait of adoption.” The care package can be a subscription or I love that it can be a one time purchase that can be sent as a gift. Each box contains 2-3 items that are adoption related and one item that will make you feel pampered.

I received the March box and it came with a beautiful necklace, handmade scarf, facial oil, and In The Wait book. I was so impressed even before I opened the box with how beautifully everything was packaged. When I opened the box, there was a letter from Carly explaining the box and the contents. All of the products are amazing quality and items I would have even purchased separately. Each month there is a theme to the box and March’s theme was “Finding Purpose” in the wait. I could tell this box was packaged so tenderly by Carly. Receiving it made me feel so special.

Not only are these care packages encouraging waiting mamas, but 10% of the profits go to support a unique adoption-related charity. If you have been around here for a while, you know my heart beats for the waiting mama.  I have a Bible study that meets every other Sunday at my home because I want so desperately to encourage those mamas who are waiting. A lot of what I write here I hope does the same. That’s why I am so passionate about this box. Waiting is hard. And it shouldn’t be done alone.

If you are a mama who is paper pregnant, waiting on your sweet one to come home, this box is exactly what you need! If you know a mama who is waiting on their heartgrown baby to come home, this would be a PRECIOUS way to encourage her in the wait. It’s often hard to know what to say or how to encourage waiting mamas, but this gift would be an amazing way to show her she is seen. A sweet way to show her she is not alone and to give her hope and encouragement in the wait.

Connect with Carly:

Website: www.heartgrownbox.com

Facebook: Heartgrown

Instagram: @heartgrownbox

*All photos from www.heartgrownbox.com.

If you are a waiting mama, I wrote this post, The Weight of the Wait , to encourage your heart, sweet sister.