It’s a Good Day for a Miracle {And My Master Bedroom Makeover}

DSC_0878.JPG DSC_0878.JPG

Before we get started here, let me be clear about something…I am no home blogger. I just know how to string some words together sometimes. So warning: before you continue, please understand I cleaned up my room AND made our bed for these photos. And if you look real close you’ll see my iron sticking out because I iron things on the floor. And you might even notice I broke the handle off my nightstand. But it’s been like that for a few years now, so I didn’t really notice until I took these pictures. Let’s be real. So before you start comparing these photos to your house, I just want you to know the truth. Okay? Mkkk.

We’ve lived in this house for five years. When we moved here Selah was only five months old. And I don’t know about you, but my bedroom was the last thing I thought about decorating. I realized this spring that I hadn’t decorated this space and it was finally time to do so!

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I’ve been learning so much about myself this year. I think so often we make worship and loving Jesus too spiritual. When in fact, God is not nearly as serious as we think He is. And this may seem crazy to you, but giving this room a makeover this spring was fun for me to do with Him. I really like to decorate, it’s so fun for me. Decorating a room can even be worship if we let it be.

Also, I don’t know about you, but beautiful spaces help spark my creativity. When I write and create, being in a space that is beautiful sure does help getting those juices flowing. Who doesn’t want to enjoy something beautiful? Every night when I pull back the covers and get in my bed, I’m just so thankful for a beautiful room. Partly because for five years it looked nothing like this, but mostly because I think it makes Father’s heart swell when we’re grateful for the little things. Like a beautiful bedroom.

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I like whites and creams. So you won’t believe this, but all of our furniture what really dark oak. It was beautiful but it made the room look dark. So I chalk painted the furniture Annie Sloan’s Pure White and I’m in love. It took forever, but honestly it was kinda therapeutic. I’d pour a glass of red wine and listen to worship music as I painted. Although I wouldn’t want to do it again, it was fun!

DSC_0875.JPG DSC_0875.JPG

I have had this mirror for years that I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. It’s always been in my room, but it sure does fit better since everything is white now. I have the cutest video of Selah when she was about 9 months old laughing in front of this mirror. I remember that every time I glance at it.

You won’t believe this, but those curtains are drop cloths. Like the ones painter’s use. I went to Lowe’s and got them for about twenty bucks. Can you believe that? And those shades I found on Amazon. You can check them out here. Because Brandon works night shifts at the hospital (in the NICU), he sleeps during the day so our room has to be able to get dark. That’s why our bed is normally never made, because right when I get out of it, he is getting back in. He had a training today, so it was my perfect chance to share with you!

DSC_0876.JPG DSC_0876.JPG

Brandon’s Papa Wilbur died a few days after Selah was born. And we’ve always had this little sign hanging up in our room because of him. Every Sunday night we would eat leftovers at his house and as we were walking out the door he’d say, “Be kind and love one another.” It’s kind of our marriage moto I guess you could say. And it really helps to see that little sign when he’s getting on my nerves. Bahaha. You know what I’m saying? Your husband never gets on your nerves though, does he?

DSC_0871.JPG DSC_0871.JPG

Okay, so I’m pretty in love with Erin from Cotton Stem. And she had a little faux fireplace in her room that I adored! So my handy dandy brother in love made me one! Can you believe he did that? I painted it a beige color and then did a crackle glaze on top and am so happy with how it turned out. I tore out my favorite hymns from my old hymnal and taped them in the middle. (This was totally my sister’s idea.) I really like it because it’s like that verse that says “write these words on your doorposts.” Not necessarily my doorpost, but still, the point is these words about the goodness and faithfulness of Father are on my walls.

The little stool I got on sale from Hobby Lobby. I’ve learned to never buy something I don’t love. And as soon as I saw this little guy I just really loved him. Brandon is all about ottomans, so I figured this was a good compromise. I mean even as I write this, I have my feet propped up on it. Pretty cute. And then that chair I also found on sale! Wayfair was having a really good sale AND I had a coupon so I got the chair for a STEAL!

DSC_0873.JPG DSC_0873.JPG

My brother in love also made my headboard. I really like it a lot. I found the bed skirt on amazon (Cotton Stem uses this one). And then the duvet cover and pillow shams are Simply Shabby Chic line from Target. I realize I need some throw pillows to go on the bed, but I just cannot bring myself to spend that much money on pillows that will most of the time be on the floor. So just pretend they’re there. And if you find some boho looking ones for cheap, send them my way!

Now, this rug. I HAD to have it. That’s the thing about me. If I get something in my mind, I absolutely will not settle until I have it. Nothing else will do. So guess what? Shocker, this rug is from Well Woven and is in Cotton Stem’s line. It’s the softest, most well made rug ever and I just love how it compliments the paint color. Speaking of paint color, I’m sure someone will ask me what color it is. And I have no idea. I know that’s annoying. But I threw out the paint can.

DSC_0869.JPG DSC_0869.JPG

This chandelier is also from Amazon. I really, really love it. You know what else I really love? Those drawings from Selah on my mirror. God speaks so much to me through my children, and those remind me every morning of His promises over our family.

DSC_0870.JPG DSC_0870.JPG

I know you know that app, Voxer, right? We’ll me and three of my best friends talk every day on that thing. We call ourselves the Holy Spirit Fire Book Club. What a name, huh? I love them. They hold my arms up when I feel weary and they keep standing in agreement with me after all of these years for the impossible. We each are waiting to see promises fulfilled in our lives and having them believe with me and getting to believe with them is one of the greatest gifts in my life.

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At least once every day one of us will say, “It’s a great day for a miracle.”

And it just stirs my faith so much. Because one day, I’ll wake up in this beautiful room, put my feet on this rug, and those pictures that Selah drew will become a reality. One day, I’ll wake up and it’ll be the day.

The day for a miracle.

I can’t wait. And until then, I’ll just go to bed every night so thankful for this beautiful little space and a Father who loves me deeply.

Anything can bring Him worship, friends. Even decorating bedrooms.