Somtimes You Need To Be Mothered

Hey Mama, lean in close. I have to remind you of something…

You know how you’re mothering all day long? Like there is no break, ever. And sometimes when you have little babies, or babies that are teething, or toddlers who are scared, or kids who are sick, those days run together because you mother all through the night too. You wake up the next morning exhausted from the previous day, but are still so needed for the new day ahead.

Sometimes, if you’re not careful, you forget what you look like. Or you forget what you like to do. Or you forget the last time you finished something from beginning to end. Sometimes, you can even forget who you are. I get it. It’s easy to do. Because right now, this season in your life, you are mommy. And everyone needs you, all the time.

And right now, in this season, babies need to eat, diapers need to be changed, lunches have to be packed, dishes have to be washed, and my gosh ALL.THE.LAUNDRY. So thinking about what you like to do or what makes you feel alive seems foolish. Selfish even. Listen to me sister, it’s not.

I wanted to remind you that sometimes you need to mother yourself, friend.

When your children get tired you get them rest. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need too. You might need to literally take a nap when they do. Or maybe rest for your soul looks entirely different. I know it does for me.

So if that means you wake up a few minutes early to get dressed, like not yoga pants, put on makeup, and fix your hair for the day. Do it. Maybe that means you have a room in your house where kids don’t go. And in that room you create. You read, write, paint, or craft. Maybe you plan a girl’s night. You get a sitter or work it out with your husband’s schedule. I’ve even put the kids to bed early and had friends come to me! Or maybe, you run by Starbucks, with coffee in hand you walk the aisles of Target, ALONE. 

You do whatever you have to do, to mother yourself. And don’t you dare feel bad about it. When you are empty, you can’t pour out. Sometimes a few minutes a week, taking care of you, is the best thing you can give your family. 

You are worth it, sister. And you will be such a better mama and wife for it.

Photo by Rebecca Lauren Photography