Simple, Purposeful Living With Routines (Part 4)

Simple, Purposeful Living With Routines (Part 4)

Hasn’t this series been fun? I sure think so!

I’ve loved sitting down with you each week diving into these topics on how we can live simply on purpose! If you know me, you know I love a good schedule. And routines just fit so nicely with them. So I’m SUPER pumped about talking about how we live simple on purpose with routines.

I was the BabyWise mom. The one who did the whole sleep training thing. I’m not a crazy person about schedules. I don’t lose it if we’re off our schedule and I’m definitely going to let my kids have fun and every once in a while we’ll kick the bed time to the curb. But man oh man, do routines help my family run well.

A Word to All The Mamas

Our bags were thrown on the counter, still packed from our hospital stay. Brandon was frantically searching for the “therapy” paci. It’s supposed to strengthen his suck, they say. I was holding wrestling my very sick seven week old, begging for him...