A Gift- Both The Man and the {JORD} Watch

A Gift- Both The Man and the {JORD} Watch

These boys have my whole heart. Forever.

When I watch them together, I can’t help but be so thankful I get to call them mine. They are both so strong but gentle. And love me something fierce.

I can’t help but want this little one, to grow up and be just like his daddy.

Every child in the world deserves a daddy like this man.

Truly, he’s a gift.

He plays rough and tough, he’s got a mean golf swing, and he’s the champ in our house at hide and seek. He protects us and provides for us and is so tender when we need him. And let me tell you, when he leaves for work we sit on the stone outside and there are always tears as we wave goodbye. But as soon as that door opens when he gets home, four little feet quickly find their way to him. And they always scream, “Daddy! Hold you!” And he picks them both up. Every time.