How We Do Gotcha Days (Selah’s Third Gotcha Day)

How We Do Gotcha Days (Selah’s Third Gotcha Day)

If you’re new around here, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is a Gotcha Day?”

People call it different things, Adoption Day, Gotcha Day, but basically it’s a day of celebration! We celebrate Gotcha Days around here because those are the days our children officially became ours. We were INCREDIBLY privileged and blessed that our kid’s birth mom allowed us to not only be in the delivery room with each of them, but they both came straight to me, and I cut their cords. Those two moments, watching them both take their first breaths into this world, are ones I will literally cherish forever.

Before we went home from the hospital, their brave birth mama, relinquished rights, and they were placed into our family. At that moment, we were legally their guardians. In our state, we had to wait at least 90 days before we would get a court date for adoption. So when we celebrate Gotcha Days, we are celebrating the day our children officially became Satterfield’s forever.

I Am His

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Happy Gotcha Day!

You better believe she will hear this story today! Her first year as our daughter has been nothing short of beautiful! We love her more than words can say.

Our Open Adoption

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Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Selah!

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