A Beautiful Unraveling

A Beautiful Unraveling

I’ve been quiet around here lately.

It’s not because I don’t have any words, I do. A lot of them really. It’s just that they haven’t found their way out of my heart yet.

Also, it’s been a really hard few weeks.

I still haven’t learned exactly how to share the hard without sharing my children’s stories. In the very beginning of our journey, I shared a lot. Probably too much. As I grew as their mama and learned more and more about adoption along the way, I realized their story wasn’t mine to share.

Sweet Days

The kids are napping. My house is quiet, except for the steady hum of the dish washer. And I felt these keys calling to me. So here I am, filling you in with our summer days. I can’t believe it’s already half way through the summer. I walked into...

Beautiful by Pain

Some nights when the fighting was too loud for me to sleep, a little bird would chirp outside my window. In the middle of the night. In the dead of winter. And I always knew it was Him. Even as a little girl, I knew Him to be safe. He was safe in the midst of the...