Our Adoption Story

Our Adoption Story

In a perfect world, one before the fall, there wouldn’t be adoption.

In the very beginning in the Garden of Eden, it was just the Father and His children, walking together in the cool of the day. Perfect intimacy. Deep friendship. Just a Dad and His kids.

And then the kids wondered if He was really all they needed. We know the rest of the story, Eve ate the fruit, and the relationship between the Father and His children was broken. But it wasn’t the end of the story, merely just the beginning. The rest of the Bible is one beautiful story of the relentless love of the Father and Him getting His kids back.

brown baby. white mama.

brown baby. white mama.

The Top Five Things I’ve Learned From Our Transracial Adoption I know that people KNOW she is adopted when they ask us. Her brown skin attracts attention and people are curious of her story. It’s a way for them to ask permission to step into our...

Full and Rested

It happened. I fell in love with Him all over again. I spent last weekend at the Created for Care retreat, studying the outline of His face with over 500 women whose heart beats for the orphan. He met us there and His beauty was breathtaking. In that room, there...

It’s a BOY!!!!

If you have been following our story, you know over the summer, we were very close to adding another Satterfield to our family. After we found out that it wasn’t going to happen, we immediately started praying about Satterfield Number Two, and what avenue we...

Happy First Birthday, Selah Grace!

It feels like we blinked and she has grown into this happy, silly, smart, beautiful girl. She brings so much joy to our lives, and has taught us more about the Father’s grace, faithfulness, and love than she will ever know. She made me a mommy. And not only...