Full Not Busy

Full Not Busy

It’s been quiet around here lately.

I’m so sorry about that.

Do you ever feel like you can’t balance your life? Or is it just me? Surely it’s not just me. It’s like I’m an awesome mom and tanking the ministry thing, or I’m writing and not speaking, or visa versa. Either my legs are shaved or my hair clean. And don’t get me started about house. If the dishes are done, the laundry probably isn’t. Know what I mean?

I’ve chosen in this season to use the word “full” instead of “busy.” I feel like being busy is just running around without intention and lacking purpose. Full describes our season much better. Everything that our family is doing is intentional and filled with purpose. It just means we have to give our very best yes. And a lot of “no’s” along the way too.

Every morning when I wake up, I ask the Father, “What do you want me to put my hands to today?” Sometimes I work on The Garden all day. Somedays I only work on stamping jewelry. Somedays I just need to play in the floor with my kids or go on a date with my life crush. It’s been something I’m definitely growing in, yet learning what it looks like to live in this full season of life out of a posture of rest.

Rythyms of Rest

Rythyms of Rest

Since the calendar turned another page, there was a short season of time when our days slowed down. We created new rhythms again, as a family of four. We were settling into those cold, rainy days that winter blows in, and have been filled with so much excitement as we’ve watched the cold of winter be met with the warm, budding signs of spring.  

When Infertility Still Stings

There were four yesterday. FOUR. Sweet black and white pictures of little nuggets (that mostly look like aliens) fill my newsfeed. And all these years later, it still hurts. Not nearly as bad, but it does. I still get baby shower invitations in the mail, and it...

Full and Rested

It happened. I fell in love with Him all over again. I spent last weekend at the Created for Care retreat, studying the outline of His face with over 500 women whose heart beats for the orphan. He met us there and His beauty was breathtaking. In that room, there...

Lost in the List

It’s 3:15 and I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep.Lately, I’ve found myself getting lost in my list. It’s exhausting. And very frustrating.  And the enemy knows this about me. I slowly start to believe the lies he whispers,...