The Garden

where grace is found in the wilderness

How we can work together…

Our Vision

The vision of for this ministry is to provide a safe place where women walking these journeys can ask hard questions, feel safe to be vulnerable, and walk in community together all through the lens of hope.

Our Mission

The vision of The Garden is to connect women on the broken road of motherhood to healing and wholeness.

Core Values

Our core values include: God is Good, The Word of God, Community, Renewing Our Minds & Hope.

About us

When women enter The Garden, the point of entry is that of desperation. The narrative of their story has consisted of guttural grief, unexplainable loss, and the most devastating disappoint through month after month, (sometime year after year) of infertility, the unimaginable loss of their infant or child, unexplained and heartbreaking miscarriage, and loving and mothering children that have experienced trauma from foster care and adoption. 


It’s been the point of entry. Either a moment that has caused a tipping point, or a sudden onset, either way desperation is what has caused women to enter through the doors of our ministry. What we have found is the desperate ones, are the ones that are hungry. Jesus says in Luke 6:21, “How filled you become when you are consumed with hunger and desire, for you will be completely satisfied. “How content you become when you weep with complete brokenness, for you will laugh with unrestrained joy.”

 What we’re finding in The Garden is women who walk through our doors with the narrative of desperation are finding more than what they were searching for. They’re finding that instead of having an identity of “the barren one,” or “the mom who lost her baby,” or “the foster and adoptive mom,” women are actually finding and then walking in their REAL identity– a daughter of the most high God. They’re finding their true identity as daughter to a loving, good, intimate Father, is so much more fulfilling than the desperate desire and identity they once carried when gracing our doors. 

Don’t get me wrong, as women’s hearts are becoming healed, so are their bodies. We’ve seen more miracle babies born in The Garden the past several years than ever before.

“But the real miracle is the healing that is happening in hearts, in marriages, in homes, and their communities.”

Jessica Satterfield

The Father has shifted the vision of The Garden. The Garden isn’t simply a “support group” for women walking through infertility, infant loss, miscarriage, foster care and adoption. Although we offer support, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have spent our time and energy intensely discipling these women in small groups. The Garden has taken ground. And it’s looked like intense discipleship over zoom, or a cup of coffee. Our gatherings have and will continue, and will continue to be the cohesive piece of our ministry. But life altering moments in the women that we serve are happening in small groups. 

What we’re sensing is a clearer vision of what God has called us to and that is to raise up mothers who mother and disciple their children and those around them. Because good mothers must be good daughters first. 

What we’re finding is that women without any problems getting pregnant, or miscarriage, or infant loss, or adoption and foster care also have a point of entry. Desperation. We’ve had women hearing about what has happened in the lives of the women in The Garden with stories nothing like ours, that are just as desperate. “How do I learn how to disciple my children?” they say. And I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard, “I’m absolutely desperate for community. I feel so lonely.” 

The vision of our ministry is to connect women on the broken road of motherhood to healing and wholeness, but the heartbeat of our ministry is to raise up women who understand their identity as a daughter, and good daughters make really good mothers. 

Essentially, God has called The Garden to a movement of motherhood. 

The enemy has been after the seed of women since the garden of Eden. We will still have groups for women journeying the broken road of motherhood with narratives like infertility, infant loss, miscarriage, foster care and adoption. 

But we’ll have groups for women that are already mothers too. 

The Garden is not only a place where women come and get healed, it’s way more than that. It’s a movement of motherhood that starts with loving the one in front of us. Being discipled and discipling. The Garden exists to see women walk in their true identity as a daughter of God to disciple children and the other women around them. A grassroots movement of women walking in deep intimacy with their Father while driving to the fertility clinic, or changing diapers, or sitting across from another mom during a playdate. 

Ready to get involved?

Garden Grow Groups meet every woman in The Garden exactly where there are in their journey to healing and wholeness. Garden Grow Groups stay connected and encourage each other weekly.