The Best Ever Cranberry Sauce

Every year my sister asks if I’m making my cranberry sauce, and every year I always say yes. It’s her absolute favorite, and she always goes home with the left overs. I’m not a huge fan of cranberry sauce, but I have to say, this is good. Really, really good.

So here it is, The Best Ever Cranberry Sauce…

  • 16 ounce bag of organic cranberries
  • 1 1/2 cups of organic orange juice
  • 2 cups of organic cane sugar

In a medium sauce pan, bring the orange juice and sugar to a boil. Quickly reduce heat to medium-low, and add washed cranberries. Let simmer for around 10 minutes. You’ll begin to hear the cranberries pop. (It’s my favorite part.)

It’ll look like this. So yummy. The longer it sits, the thicker the sauce becomes. I always make it the day before and when I pull it out of the fridge it is perfect.

If you like your cranberry sauce more tart, just use less sugar. We like ours pretty sweet over here.

We’ve used this recipe for years in our family. I hope it finds it’s way into your family favorites too. Let me know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends. I’m so thankful for you.