The Early Rains

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My husband and I are coming up on seven years of waiting for a biological baby. We have adopted two beautiful children. The way they both came home to us is nothing short of a miracle. Just recently, we welcomed a new face into our family through foster care. We’re not sure how long he will stay with us, but for now, he is ours. That verse in Psalms that says “He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children,” hangs in our living room and every time I pass it, I smile. Because He truly has filled our home and hearts. And after all of those years of aching and longing, He made me a mother.  

But we’re still praying, believing, and standing in faith that He has more children for us, and this time, biologically. We’re waiting on healing. And have been for what seems like forever. This waiting can often feel much like a desert. Dry. Exhausting. Barren.

But I’m finding here in this wilderness, something I would never find elsewhere… Him. I truly wouldn’t trade a day of this waiting for the deep friendship I’ve found here in Him. Hagar, in Genesis 16 ran away from Sarai into the wilderness and said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” Hosea 2 says that it’s in the wilderness where we no longer call Him, God, but Lover.  

I know, without any doubt, I will become pregnant. But I also know, without any doubt, that He is after my heart. The Father is more concerned with my heart than the miracle on the other side of this desert. And it’s here, in this wilderness of waiting, where I’ve fallen in love with the Giver instead of only wanting the gift.

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