The Secret Place

We have always prayed that our hearts and home would always have open walls. We were presented with a sudden opportunity and three weeks ago, we unexpectedly welcomed another sweet face to our family. We’re not sure how long he’ll stay, but we do know while he’s here, he will surely be loved.

The last few weeks have been us adjusting to our new normal, as a family, now of five. It hasn’t been easy, in fact, some moments have been really hard. But all of the beautiful things are at first. They say adding the third kid is the hardest, so hopefully adjusting to the next one will be a breeze, right?! I’m learning how to talk transformers and magic potions. It’s so different from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and princess castles, but I’m finding wherever the Father plants us, He gives us grace there.

He’s teaching me, once again, that there is only grace in the moment. If I begin to look forward, it all becomes overwhelming. There isn’t grace there, yet. He’s our portion, enough right in this very moment. And the next moment, He’s enough there too.

The more hearts I mother, the increased time I’m writing, the busier my speaking schedule becomes, the more desperate I find myself for Him. I’m finding the more demands are placed on me, the more my time must increase in the secret.

photo by  Amber Tysl photo by  Amber Tysl

photo by Amber Tysl

I’ve met with Him on this white couch for years now. But lately the time in the hidden, in the secret, has become especially sacred. He is a God that wants more than to only know me. He longs desperately for me to know Him. The God of the universe, wants to BE KNOWN by me. The deeper I journey into His heart, the more I find I’m giving myself away to Him. Knowing Him is life. And being known by Him, when no other’s eyes see, is becoming my very heartbeat.

He is my life source there. He’s the well I keep running to when I am thirsty. And I leave Him fully satisfied, yet longing, for even more. What’s happened in the secret with Him, gives me fuel in the other moments of my day. The identity and purpose He is pouring over me when no one sees, begins to come to the surface when the demands of mothering children and growing a ministry can squeeze.

When it feels as though He’s given me more responsibility, and more demands are made for my time and energy, this has been a season for me of hiding. And I hope to spend the rest of my lifetime here, hidden in Him. When I am hidden not only am I safe and protected, but no one sees me anymore, they see Him. Completely covered. It’s been under His wings I’ve found refuge and safety. But I’ve also found intimacy. When I’m covered by Him, He pulls me near. Close to His heart with my head resting on His chest, breathing in the smell of His very nearness.

Yasek. It means “to cover.” It’s the Hebrew word that’s used in Psalm 91:4, “He will cover you with his pinion, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.” This whole revelation of being covered by Him, and finding myself hidden (concealed protectively) in Him (Colossians 3:3) has shifted so much in me.

My brother-in-law, James, made this amazing journal for me. Can you believe that? He MADE it! I have a tattoo of birds behind my ear representing our children and the one I’m praying for in faith. But the birds on this journal remind me of the Psalm 91 verse, how He covers me and I am hidden in Him. I loved the journal so much and asked James if he would be willing to give one away to YOU, my readers!

It’s really easy to enter! Just click on this link, scroll to the bottom until you see the link that says “Click here to enter the House of Hope giveaway.” And that’s it!

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PS My office got a makeover and I can’t WAIT to share it with you…coming soon!