The Treasure of a Tribe

I have a lot of best friends.

People make fun of me in conversations because I always mention a best friend. I heard someone speaking years ago about using the words “best friend” with great sensitivity. Because if you have a “best friend” then that means that spot is taken. I get that. I’ve been on the other side and felt the sting of being only a friend. But that’s not the case for me, I have best friends. A lot more than one.

I have friends who I love to see every once in awhile. But then my best friends, they are the ones that call and text every week. The ones we schedule dinners weeks out in advance because their lives are important to me. Their friendship is precious. They have walked through hard things with me, and I with them.

My best friends are the ones with all the inside jokes.These are the girls I can be silly with, immature even, and it’s totally okay. I can voice very passionate opinions at times, and they are fine with it, even if they don’t agree. My best friends are the ones I send pictures of my kitchen cabinets that I completely butchered. And the only caption is “help.” They’re really best friends when they text back and say “yeah, that’s awful!” Or sometimes I’ll be in Target and send a picture of a dress and ask which shoes to wear with it. The one who tells you have lipstick in your teeth. She might even hold up her sunglasses for you so you can see to wipe it off. You know those kind of friends? The ones who are funny, who love you for you, and still love you when you’ve lost your mind.

But among those best friends, are heart sisters. These are the girls that know my heart. They know my dreams. These girls keep me grounded. These girls not only know what is going on in my life, but they know what Father is doing in my heart. They call out the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. They see my giftings, pull them out of me, and teach my how to use them. Also, it’s these girls that know most where I struggle. I don’t worry about being judged by them. Because these girls know my heart. They remind me of truth when I’ve forgotten and they believe for me when I feel that I can’t.

Best friends, heart sisters, they are treasures. Absolute gifts from the Father. Every one of my best friends bring to my life something the others don’t. I need all of them. I need each unique personality, experiences, and opinions pouring into my life. We’re missing out on so much of the Kingdom if we only have one best friend. There is significant treasure found in a tribe.

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