The Word on Display

Several years ago we put the crib up in faith.

I bought another Solly wrap. And wall art. My mom found the most beautiful dresser. And I started dreaming over this room, just like I had for my other two nurseries.

After all these years of negative pregnancy tests, we still believe we’ll see the manifestation of healing in my body. That one day, I’ll finally see a positive test and watch as my belly grows with miracles. We believe this because we know God is good. We know His Father’s heart is healing and wholeness for His children.

Two summers ago, instead of decorating a nursery in this room, I was filling it with transformers and legos. I studied the early and latter rains that summer. And knew that our foster son was the early rains for our family. God isn’t finished writing our story. The latter rains are coming.

IMG_3576.JPG IMG_3576.JPG

The promise that is found in Joel 2:25 is one of my favorites in all of the Bible.

There have been so many years the enemy has stolen from me. Years of fertility and years of pain. This promise, that He will restore all of it, is one I stand on when I don’t see that yet with my eyes. I know Jesus has already won. He gives it all back, and what I love about Him is that He always does it with interest.

When I saw this piece, I knew I had to have it. And I knew that it needed to go here. It’s a big promise from my Father, hanging in the middle of a miracle that’s already and one that is to come.

1B965415-492B-4862-BBEF-4370000C2499.JPG 1B965415-492B-4862-BBEF-4370000C2499.JPG

My friend, Hayley, along with her husband and friends, launched a new business, Post and Gate, that I’m very passionate about. The mission of their business is to put the Word of God on display in homes. There’s something powerful about looking down my hall, seeing that promise hanging on the wall. It’s true with every passage of Scripture. What makes their business stand out among the rest, is the original language of the passage written in either Greek or Hebrew is behind the words in English.

A03ADEB6-3E0B-476F-83FF-F670104B7982.JPG A03ADEB6-3E0B-476F-83FF-F670104B7982.JPG

They sell beautiful wall décor but also sell stationary, t-shirts, and during Christmas sold ornaments. What I love about their pieces, is that with every piece they release, they also release a podcast teaching the meaning behind the piece. What a special opportunity to have a piece of Scripture hanging in your home and also have access to amazing teaching on it!

DFC5D2B3-B193-41A3-A9F6-BE020C68A047.JPG DFC5D2B3-B193-41A3-A9F6-BE020C68A047.JPG

They just released two new pieces that are absolutely stunning. This one might be my favorite. My prayer everyday is that I would stay child like before my Father. Believing every word that comes from His mouth, always ready to fully receive from Him.

photos by Jenna Mills Photography photos by Jenna Mills Photography

photos by Jenna Mills Photography

In The Garden, we’re currently in a marriage series, so this piece is special. It would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

I love this shop and what they stand for. There is something powerful about hanging Scripture around your home where your eyes always see it and your heart is reminded.

And I can’t wait for the day I’ll look down the hall and see that same promise hanging on the wall finally fulfilled.

You can find all of Post and Gate’s pieces here.

They are @postngate on both Instagram and Facebook.

And you can click here to listen to their podcast.