Ticking Time (And a JORD discount!)

I have a thing for watches.

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Unless I’m cooking or bathing my children, I have to wear one at all times. (See what I did there?) It just feels strange if I’m not wearing a watch. I guess it’s because it’s something I want to keep my eye on.


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These babies aren’t babies anymore. They’re feisty toddlers with more energy that I could dream. And every morning they wake up, I notice something new about them that wasn’t there the day before. Even though it breaks my heart to know they are growing, it’s also exciting. Their personalities are being developed and Father has given me eyes to see their strengths and how to make them stronger. But He’s also entrusted me to call forth their gold.

Calling forth gold.

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Isn’t that what parenting is all about? Knowing the destiny Father has put inside them, and calling it forth. It doesn’t feel that way in Target though, does it? When they’re sprawled out in the floor and instead of people looking at the one who’s causing the chaos (ahem, the three year old), all eyes are on you. Or when you’re at the checkout line in Hobby Lobby and you’re very strong willed, very persistent two year old absolutely must have those Nutella dip sticks.

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But even in those moments, the ones we just try to survive, we get to call forth gold. It’s how He parents us. He sees what He knows we will be, and shepherds to get us there. Besides the whole not being late thing, I need my watch so desperately to remind me of time. How it’s fleeting. How just yesterday we just brought home our sweet girl, and today she’s in preschool. But also how I still have time to make every second count.

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I get to use every minute of this beautiful journey of motherhood, to point them to Him. I get to tell them how great He is when they’re eating pancakes with syrup dripping off their faces. How He’s our ever present help in time of trouble when I’m lost in my own town because I have a terrible sense of direction. How we only have to mention His name and He comes to our rescue when we can’t find Selah’s bumpy that she has to have to sleep with. How because He has loved us, in return we get to love Him back, and love His people when we take our neighbor a meal.

It’s these middle moments, that really matter, that really fashion their hearts for eternity. And I get the honor, as He is calling forth gold in me, to do the same to them. I want to make every second count.

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Brandon got the best Father’s Day gift this year, a men’s JORD wooden watch. I’m not going to lie. I was slightly jealous, because it was so nice (and also, remember I have a thing for watches?) But this time, it was my turn and I can’t be more happy! It’s my favorite watch to date, and I have a lot of them! I’m obsessed with their women’s wooden watches. There is literally not one that I don’t like.

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And remember when you glance down at your new watch, to make those middle minutes count.

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