Selah’s Triangle Part Box Braids

She’s two and a half. Can you believe it? She’s looking more and more like a little girl and less and less like baby Selah. It breaks my mama heart. Although the tantrums are no joke, my favorite part about this age is her imagination.

She’ll say, “Be a mermaid, Mommy!” or, “Wide dis magic carpet wif me, Mommy!” My absolute favorite is, “Wet’s dance!” She has the sweetest heart and literally talks all the time. Wonder who she gets that from? I guess like every other two year old, she’s also obsessed with Frozen and recently Elsa “bwaids” are her favorite.

Can I be honest with you?

I’ve probably spent more of her life so far praying for wisdom about her hair than her husband. That might sound silly to you, but I told you I was going to be honest. Caring for her skin and hair, is me loving her well. And gosh, I want to love her well! So, I’ve asked for lots of help, watched lots of tutorials, and practiced, a lot. I thought I might share some things I’ve learned with you just in case you’ve prayed the same prayer.

When she was a baby, haircare was easy. My main goal was to keep it moisturized and healthy. I used lots of coconut oil and would run Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk through her curls everyday. I only washed it once every week or two and when I did, I used this cowash and I absolutely LOVE it!

Now that she’s getting older and her hair has grown so much, it’s a little harder to keep moisturized. She sleeps on a satin pillowcase like this and it helps her hair not to break off at night. I tried for a while to get her to wear a satin sleep cap, but every morning it would be thrown across the room, or on one of her stuffed animals! I still only wash it once every week or two with the same cowash. But keeping it in braids or rope twists helps lock in the moisture.

We normally have hair night on a Friday. It’s become a sweet time for us. I put Micah to bed early and she has my undivided attention for a few hours. Anything goes on hair night! She gets to watch all the TV she wants, she watches these silly egg videos on YouTube, and gets unlimited suckers! I mean, how else do you get a two year old to sit still?!

We started nights in the “hair chair” when she was a baby. Anytime I would fix her hair it was always in the “hair chair.” Slowly we just sat for longer periods of time and now it’s just a normal Friday night thing at the Satterfield’s. I really do soak up those sweet moments with her.

If we’re running short on time, I’ll just do box braids. But you really want to change the parts often to increase the risk of breakage. Last Friday, I did triangle part box braids and thought I’d share with you!

I washed her hair, gently dried it with a towel, and then sprayed detangler in it. I parted it in sections and then brushed through those sections. Then I put Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Oil in all of the sections. After I ran the oil through it, I parted it in sections like this…

I found the middle by using her ears as a guide. Then I just parted her hair making four triangles. We had friends coming over for dinner, so I did this quickly before they came.

After dinner, when we were ready to get our hair party officially started, I sprayed this leave in conditioner throughout the section I was going to braid. I love it! It might be my favorite hair product ever! I use it every day on Micah too. After the section was sprayed with leave in conditioner, I was ready to start parting again.

I started at the very top closest to the X. I simply parted to make a triangle. Then I split the section into three by making horizontal parts.

After I sectioned it into three horizontal parts, I spray a mixture of oil, water, and conditioner from a spray bottle onto the section so it was slightly wet. Then I ran Carol’s Daughter Styling Pudding through the section to lock in moisture while it was in the braid. I love this product because it comes in a tub and I can just grab it really fast as I’m braiding.

Then I started on the next horizontal section. I split it into three triangles. I used the corners of the first triangle to help me keep the next section even. It looks best if all of your parts meet. It’s kind of like playing Tetris with only triangles.

I did used black rubber bands to start and hold each braid. Ideally, if you could just twist the ends and not use them at all, it is so much better for her hair. But the ends of her hair are still uneven sometimes, so the rubber bands make sure it will stay.

You can tell my parts aren’t completely perfect…I’m still learning!

Then I finished each section just like the first one. I always started closest to the X and worked from there.

Two hours and lots of suckers later, we were done. Hopefully, as time goes on I’ll get much faster!

“Mommy, I have Elsa bwaids, wight?”

This was me chasing her around the kitchen with my camera! Two hours is her limit! (Also, I’m completely redoing my kitchen, so more to come about that…)

I’m committed to loving her well in this area and that means I won’t ever stop learning hair care! I’d love to hear your favorite products too! And I really hope this was helpful!

Well, there you have it. I’m no expert. Just a mama who adores her girl.