Wash Day (And our favorite EVER products!)

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If you’ve been around here for some time, you’ve probably been on the journey with me of learning how to care for Selah’s hair and skin. It’s definitely an area I am always growing in, but man, I’ve learned so much along the way! 

Last week, a childhood friend sent a desperate text, “Hair help please!” She had just gotten a new foster placement and this sweet girl was in desperate need of hair care. I’m so glad I’m finally in a place where I can help! I actually know how to help! So she came over and I washed and styled sweet girl’s hair and it was my honor to love on her and her foster mama in that way. 

I realized that many of you who have babies born from your heart might need the same help, so I’m going to take you step by step throughout our wash day. I’ll show you exactly what to do, and tell you all about these amazing products we’ve been using lately. 

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First, you need a really, really cute four year old! I literally adore her. I could squeeze her stinkin’ cheeks off.

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I have literally tried a thousand different products on Selah’s hair. You should see under her bathroom sink, it looks like the hair isle in Target. You know I’m also passionate about natural alternatives. I read labels constantly, and if I don’t know what is in the product, it’s not coming in my house, and I’m especially not using it on my babies. 

So when my friends at Reagan Sanai reached out to me and asked me to try their products, honestly I was just expecting them to land in the pile under our bathroom sink. But what immediately caught my eye was that every product in their line is all natural. I read the labels and knew EVERYTHING in the products. I was immediately interested and after used them on Selah’s hair a few times, am completely sold. Like I never want to use anything else! I sent out texts to all of my friends walking a natural hair journey and told them how they just HAD to get these products! Although they sent me these products as a collaboration, all of these opinions are solely my own, and know that I will never promote something here on this space unless I have and use them in my home. And think they should be used in yours too! Remember we’re friends! And that’s what friends do!

So what does wash day look like? The sweetest part for me is that I get a few hours alone with my girl! 

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We always wash at the sink, just because it’s so much easier on my back! (And she thinks she’s big stuff laying on the counter.) I start by wetting her hair thoroughly, and then massaging the shampoo into her scalp and hair. She always says, “Mommy, this smells amazing!” And it really does!

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After rinsing, I apply the deep conditioner. I brush it out with a wet brush and then let it set for about 15 or 20 minutes. 

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Then it’s time to rinse really well, and begin applying the moisturizing leave in detangler. 

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Then I begin to part her hair into smaller manageable sections, I apply the detangler and brush through her hair again with the wet brush. 

At this point, you would want to decide the style. I knew I was going to style her hair in “puppies” as she likes to call them, or afro puffs. So I continued with the following steps. If you were going to braid or twist, at this point you would begin parting and add each product in order as you braid or twist each section.

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I applied the mango soufflé and then the growth oil in the sections. You want to finish sealing the moisture in with the oil. The key to having beautiful, natural hair is moisture. So choosing styles and products that seal in moisture is imperative.

After I pulled her hair into her puffs, I applied the hibiscus hair gel to the ends of her hair and pulled her curls out with my fingers.  

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We used the shea butter soufflé on her cheeks and skin. I love that these products were created for kids with eczema. We’ve worked so hard to keep her skin clear and healthy from eczema. Each morning when I fix her hair in this style, I use the refresher spray to keep it looking fresh and an extra dose of moisture until it is time to wash again. Normally when I style it this way, we wash once a week, braids and twists often last much longer and are mush more effective in keeping moisture in the hair. 

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I promised her chocolate if she would help me take good pictures. Bahahaha!!!! Girl will work for chocolate (just like her mama)! 

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Pictures just don’t do her curls justice. They are so beautiful. She is so beautiful. Caring for her hair has been such a challenge for me, but she’s so worth me learning! And this time I get to spend with her, I hope reminds her just how much she is cherished and valued. This time, I pray sows into her identity, that she is the Father’s daughter and what He says about her is the most significant and loudest voice I pray she will always hear. 

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We love these products so head over to reagansanai.com to grab yours! And I hope this little step by step tutorial was helpful for you as you learn to care for your sweet one’s natural hair! Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite thing about wash day!