When Our Theology Changes {And A Book Give Away!}

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here.

I feel like I left you hanging. So much is going on around here it’s hard to put it all in words. We’ve been super busy, which is weird, because I was certain I could never be as busy as I was working. Which is kind of still true. But it’s a different kind of busy, you know? Like going to doctors appointments and therapy ALL.THE.TIME. Gah, I love that kid so much! And he’s making really good progress so it’s all worth it. 

I can't leave out this pretty girl. She's growing so fast. I'm soaking all of her in. I can't leave out this pretty girl. She's growing so fast. I'm soaking all of her in.

I can’t leave out this pretty girl. She’s growing so fast. I’m soaking all of her in.

My little Etsy shop has been giving me steady business which is such a blessing to us. You have no idea! Thank you to everyone who has ordered! It means so much to me! I love seeing a project from start to finish and stamping bracelets and necklaces is therapy to me some days. I still have a few bracelets left in my shop if you can begin to wrap your mind around starting to shop for Christmas. (It’s not Christmas stuff, but would definitely be amazing Christmas presents, if I do say so myself!)

I’m also leading two Bible studies right now, which I absolutely LOVE. And one is in my home, which is even better. There is something so holy about sitting in couches around a living room eating apple crisp, drinking apple cider, and breaking the bread of God’s Word.  I just wish so much I could have you all over for coffee and we could talk like that too. But for now, let’s keep meeting here. I also have a few speaking thingies on the calendar coming up too, which is really exciting and still mind blowing. Because let’s be honest, my southern accent is off the chain and most of the time I end up crying and all snotty telling our story because God has been so faithful.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been trying to paint my cabinets in all of this. (NEVER doing this again.) And it’s only taken me, I don’t know, a few MONTHS. I had this great idea I would paint my cabinets and then share with you the makeover. Except I have two toddlers. And honestly had no idea the gravity of the cabinet project. Anyways, hopefully I’ll finish one of these days and I’m excited to share with you the end result and all my mistakes in between. Believe me, there’s been a good share of mistakes!

You know when you go through seasons of so much revelation it’s hard to even remotely communicate it? That’s me. Right now. Where I am currently. It’s another reason it’s been so quiet over here. I just feel like words carry such weight and I would never want to write to you about things of the Lord when my heart isn’t ready. I wish I could tell you everything, but one of the things I’ve been learning is “the fullness of time” and how holy that phrase can be in our lives. It’s been a sacred time over here holding these things in, close to my heart, but busting at the seems to share how incredibly CRAZY our God is at the same time. Let me just tell you, so much is going on and Father is absolutely BLOWING MY MIND and there will come a time when I can tell you about all of it!

Okay. I am just going to throw this out there. If you’re theology isn’t changing. You aren’t growing.

That isn’t the best transition sentence, it’s pretty awful, but I have a cold and feel a little fuzzy. I wish I could wrap it up for you in a much nicer little package, but sometimes it just needs to be said. If you would’ve told me that about ten years ago, I would’ve argued with you until we were both black and blue. The thing is, the more we know about Father, the deeper in love with Him we fall, the more He discombobulates (you like that word, huh?) our thinking of Him. He doesn’t change. He is constant. We are the ones who are transformed by knowing Him more intimately. The things we thought we knew about Him or the way He works are thrown out the window when we step in more closely and partner with Him in His Kingdom.

My friend, Shannan, writes about this very thing. Hers is a story, much like mine. She grew up in church. She knew all of the Bible stories that were told to her through felt characters. She got married. Adopted a few kids. Moved into her dream house. Started a little blog (that grew into a VERY big blog). And things were perfect. Except she was empty and knew there was so much more to this life.

So it's not the best picture. Can we say grainy? But two of my favorite people ever. Shannan on the left, and one of my best friends,  Amber , on the right. So it's not the best picture. Can we say grainy? But two of my favorite people ever. Shannan on the left, and one of my best friends,  Amber , on the right.

So it’s not the best picture. Can we say grainy? But two of my favorite people ever. Shannan on the left, and one of my best friends, Amber, on the right.

So God told her and her husband to sell their farm. They both lost their jobs. And God asked them to moved to the city and live with their children on the “wrong” side of the tracks. I have been a faithful reader of her blog for many years. I started reading right after God planted them in “the hood.” Her honesty and wrestling moved my heart to do the same.

Not only is she quite possibly, in my opinion, one of the best authors of ever, but she can spin a story about salsa, thrift store finds, and loving her drug addict friend down the street more eloquently than Shakespeare. She’s hysterical. Like I was shaking the bed laughing out loud reading her book. She’s real, honest, and raw. And those are my favorite kind of people.

Her book Falling Free, launched a few weeks ago. And it has been one of those books that have literally changed my life. It’s shifted my theology. Although Papa started this shift a few years ago, He sure used her words to do a lot of the moving. I was on her book launch team and it was an honor for me to stand behind her and this message.

So. I love her book (and her) so much and love you so much I am going to do a give away! Here’s what I would do if I were you. I would head over here, buy her book. Then go ahead a comment down below if you would like to be entered for the give away (Because believe me, after you read this book, you need one for yourself and one to give away). Make sure to leave your email address somewhere in your comment. I’ll pick a winner randomly and then email you within a week if you win! I never win stuff like this, but someone always does! It could be you, sister!

I’m so glad we’re friends. I appreciate you following along this journey so much. And although I don’t always know all of your names, your presence on the other side of this screen means the world to me. And know I pray for you. A lot.