“Why Did You Choose Me?”

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I’m always on the lookout for really good adoption picture books we can keep in our library. In this post, I wrote about my favorite ever adoption books. But I’m slowly adding more to our collection.

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It’s so important for us to keep an open, ongoing conversation with our children about their stories and at their ages, books help us do this well. They are still so young and although they are familiar with adoption language, they can’t wrap their sweet minds around their stories just yet. So in the meantime, we’ll keep building a culture in our home that welcomes their questions when they’re ready. 

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Selah is a little reader. She always has a book with her. She was so excited when we got this sweet book in the mail. She enjoyed the watercolor illustrations and loved the rhyming words (this ex-first grader teacher did too). Katie Cruise Smith kept this book light but meaningful. It was one Selah and I both enjoyed. 

I absolutely love what Katie did in the beginning of the book. She mentioned that unlike her children (and mine), so many other children all over the world are waiting on their forever families. She honored them throughout the book by splatters of paint dots on each page, hoping that one day, they too, will find their forever family.


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“Why Did You Choose Me?” releases Sunday, November 12th, which happens to also be Orphan Sunday! Pre-orders are really awesome for authors, so go grab your copy of this sweet book for your family or an adoptive family you know. You won’t be disappointed! 

You can click here to preorder and enter a fun giveaway Ambassador International is offering! Or you can click here to connect with author, Katie Cruse Smith.