Big and Little Coloring Devotional

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Selah started preschool this year. I never dreamed she would be this grown up. At least not this fast. 

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Her little baby face is slowly fading away, and she is my sweet and spunky three year old girl now. On the days she goes to school, there is an hour I get to only spend with her. And it’s my favorite part of those days. Micah is napping, oldest brother is at school, and I pick her up from preschool and get a whole hour alone with her. Preschool was a huge adjustment for her, especially as she bravely battles some sensory things. 

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Coloring together during that hour after school gives her the time and space to process all she has experienced sensory-wise that day. Our house is quiet unlike her busy classroom. She eats a snack with me and we color. I’ve found, just as much as she does, I also need that time during my day to let my heart and mind breathe. The dishes can wait, those emails can wait, cooking supper can wait. It makes me slow down and focus on the lines going back and forth, all the while chatting with my favorite girl in the whole world. 

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I am always looking for ways I can be intentional with my children. Our greatest desire shepherding these precious hearts is that they see the love of Father pouring out of us every moment of every day. But we also parent with intentionality, purposefully setting aside time in our day to teach our children God’s Word. His Word is sustaining and the more deposits we make of His Word in their hearts, the greater the reservoir of Scripture they will have stored up in their hearts when they need it. 

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My friend, Rachel Swanson, co-created this amazing coloring devotional book with Jacy Corral called, “Big and Little Coloring Devotional Book.” What I love about this book, is that Selah and I both can color and mediate on the same passage of scripture together. 

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It’s been the sweetest addition to our hour together on school days. 

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And I love depositing God’s Word in our hearts, taking a break from life for a little bit, and making things pretty. 

You can visit her website and order Rachel’s amazing book here.