Mentorship Cyle Starting June 3, 2024!

Mothering the Mothers

Have you ever wondered how to create a culture in your home that hosts God’s presence? Do you struggle to see your husband with the eyes of heaven? Have you wondered how to connect your relationship with God in teaching your children about Him? Does it feel overwhelming when you think about discipling your children and others God has called you to? Do you have core values your family lives from? Does your house feel more like four walls, instead of a home that has been cultivated and prepared with God’s presence?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, I’d love to invite you on a 12 week mentorship journey with me. One of the areas I am passionate about, is to equip women and mothers with the confidence and courage to walk out the unique and individual calling God has for them!

What you will learn:

  • How to create a culture in your home that hosts His presence.
  • How to build and sustain personal intimacy with God.
  • How to grow in freedom as you live in your true identity.
  • How to identify places of control and let go of them.
  • How to see your husband and marriage with eyes of heaven.
  • How to create family core values.
  • How to teach your children how to hear from God.
  • How to disciple your children to become friends with God.
  • How to stop the hurry and live from true rest.
  • How to protect a culture of peace in your home. 
  • How to create systems in your home that serve your family. 
  • How to embrace structure without expecting perfection.
  • How to identify people of peace and develop healthy community.

What is included?

  • Weekly activations.
  • Weekly ministry time and prayer.
  • Weekly Zoom meetings of teaching and Q&A.
  • Personal monthly check-ins.
  • Access to recorded teaching library. 
  • Access to a community of women to walk alongside you throughout this 12 week journey. 
  • Resources to empower you as you grow in God and lead those around you.
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