My Fall Favorites

This time of year normally goes out as fast as it comes in.

But this Fall, I’ve actually had time to breathe in the spice of my pumpkin coffee and enjoy the twinkle lights on my decorated Fall mantel. I would say we’ve enjoyed the crisp mornings and flipped the switch several times already to our gas logs, but that would be a story. It’s decided to feel like summer here in SC for a few extra months. Literally just pulled out my coat from the closet yesterday. Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, we’re all hoping the weather will decide to cooperate.

We’ve done so much these last few months. We visited the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard both TWICE!

Turns out Micah isn’t a fan of hayrides or the animals at the farm. That was my kid screaming the ENTIRE time!

He does like pumpkin pickin’ though.

On our second trip to the apple orchard, we packed a picnic lunch and found a national park nearby. The kids ran around like little forest creatures and at one point it sounded like shots were being fired when the acorns dropped from the trees and landed on this tin roof near us. We had exactly 9 miles of gas left in our car at the moment when this photo was taken, but this guy wasn’t a bit worried about it. (We made it to the gas station a few hours later.) But the stop was so worth it.

Brandon is playing league softball on Monday nights. If the game time has been remotely before the kid’s bedtime, we have been in the stands cheering him on (or distracting him, I’m not sure). He hit three home runs in this game. I mean not to brag or anything, but he’s a stud.

Since the weather has been so nice, we visited the zoo the other day with some sweet friends. Micah doesn’t like those animals either.

This is his smile-we’re-at-the-zoo-face. He wasn’t entirely thrilled and stayed in this position the whole time. At least he looked super cute. And we saw his dentist there when he was chowing down on this paci. Oh well. I almost dodged her, but her kids were really cute.

Selah, on the other hand, loves the zoo. And this sweet picture is something more of this world needs to see. Friends period. They couldn’t look any more different, but it doesn’t matter to them.

Selah and I got glasses! I can finally see to drive at night! Isn’t she the cutest?

We had a short hospital stay with Micah. We think he caught some stomach bug-which always lands us a trip to the hospital. He’s doing much better now, thankfully. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him! We appreciate you so much!

I literally drove from the hospital to speak that night. I got to share so much of what Father has been teaching me lately. It was the sweetest night with these ladies. They made me feel right at home. And also, my sister went with me. Turns out we’re a good little team.

My tribe and I went to see Bethel Music Nights. It was probably one of the highlights of my Fall. If you can ever do it, get there. It was amazing. Nothing like a concert, everything like worship.

My dear friend, Amber and I attended a writer’s workshop a few weekends ago. It was so much fun! We learned a lot. You should see my journal. I almost need a new one just from notes from that weekend. But really, it was just fun to spend the weekend with her and meet some new friends. Writer’s can be kinda weird. So it was fun being with people who get me.

Okay, okay. To the point of the post.

My Fall Favorites…

::Zum Laundry Soap– Sara Hagerty wrote about this in her newsletter. I love her, so if she liked it, I was sure I would. And I do! It smells amazing! Like a field of roses. I use half my regular detergent and then half of this liquid gold. It’s a little pricey if you ask me. But worth me sniffing my arm a few times a day.

::Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Trader Joe’s– This coffee is just the right pumpkin with a lot of spice. I drink it EVERY morning.

::This Eyebrow Pencil has saved my brows this fall. It’s universal and is great for brow beginners (like me). My best friend’s mom always said, “Don’t leave the house without your eyebrows or lipstick.” It’s kind of my motto.

::Beautiful Surrender came out this fall. They played so many of the songs off this album at the Bethel night I went to. My favorite song is Catch the Wind, it’s my theme song right now.

::This Podcast is one I religiously listen to every Monday during nap time. He is a pastor in our area, and Father is really doing amazing things through this ministry.

::This perfume is my absolute favorite. A few years ago, I met the Nester and the first question I asked her was what perfume she was wearing. She was so sweet, she gave me a dab. And I’ve been a fan ever since, especially in the Fall.

I can’t thank you enough for following along on our journey! I hope you find one of these favs to be your fav too! Will you comment below and let me know your favorite things this Fall? I’d love it so much if this was a place were we can get to know one another!