What I’m Reading

First of all, I have been so excited to share this new space with you! It’s literally been an all summer project, and something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve been praying quite some time about what Father wanted me to do with this space. Even down to the design, I wanted it to be a place that is pretty, welcoming, encourages you, and efficiently reflects Him.

So my friend, Rachel, who is also our photographer, perfectly took the vision I had for this space and made it a reality. Not only is she a ridiculously talented photographer, but she obviously builds amazing websites. She is one of the most genuine people I know and such a great friend.

It’s really funny to me how God asked me to write a blog, because literally I am clueless in this tech world. Rachel told me the other night, “You might want to write these steps down so you’ll remember.” Bahaha! Yes!!! I know how to write, add pictures, and publish. But I promise you, that’s it. But whatever, He always reminds me that He doesn’t need anything for me, just to dream with Him. He does everything else. And so far, He really has.

I think you’ll find this site more mobile friendly. Also, if you haven’t already, I would love it so much if you would look to the right sidebar, or if your on your phone, scroll down and SUBSCRIBE. Then each post will be delivered right to your inbox. Anyways, I’m so excited! And praying this continues to be a place where you are encouraged to go deeper with Him.

I really thought I’d have SO MUCH time staying at home. Bahahaha!!!!! And I do have more time most definitely, but DUH I have two toddlers 16 months apart. So basically nap time is my “extra time.” So I’ve been reading…

Wild in the Hollow– I literally read this book in two days on our cruise. Amber’s story, though much different, is much like mine. Growing up in religion, finding a Father, ditching religion, leaning in close in a relationship with Him, figuring out community, and get this, her baby had a G-tube and lots of feeding issues. I can identify so much with her. There’s something so powerful about watching someone else’s story from the outside. Grab your tissues for this one. She’s raw and honest, and I really like people like that.

Miracle Work– Life. Changer. I don’t even know what to say about it. But that if you’re ready to go deeper and know what it really looks like to know and walk with Jesus, read it. Then read it again. Also I really like to listen to Blue Water Missions Podcast (Jordan’s church).

A Loving Life– Our church did a women’s Bible study on this book in the spring. I loved it so much. He writes about Ruth’s story and the way she loved those right in front of her. Sometimes that’s hard to do, you know?

Girl Meets Change– Okay, so I haven’t read this yet, but it’s next in line. I really like everything she writes, and I figured since I’m living in this huge transition from working to staying at home, it would be encouraging. I’ll let you know when I finish.

Longing for More– I love Timothy Willard. I heard him speak a few years ago at a writing conference. He is so incredibly wise, yet so down to earth. Like seriously full of a ton of wisdom. He wrote this as a daily read. So It’s quick, but oh so good.

Relentless Hope– Beth complied short stories of the orphans she’s seen throughout the years working in her ministry at Back to Back in Mexico. I read another one of her books, Reckless Faith, a few years ago, and I was literally wiping the tears off my face with my beach towel. It was right in the middle of Selah’s adoption, and when I think about it today, I’m reminded of the two empty bedrooms in our house. (Hint, hint hubby.) This book pushes you close to the Father’s heart and makes you want to get off your butt and make a difference in this Kingdom.

Dreaming With God– So I didn’t picture this one. I just started reading it and absolutely cannot leave it off this list. Bill Johnson, Bethel’s pastor, wrote this book. His words are so rich and so deep I have to read them several times. Bill writes how God no longer calls us servants, but friends. As His friends, He invites us to dream with Him. And when we do, Heaven invades earth, not later but now. It is literally life changing.  

Books are somewhat mile markers for different seasons of my life. This season is one I will never forget. I’ll look back one day and see where this season was the beginning, a start to something really big, something I would never imagine. I’m like a sponge right now, soaking in all Papa is teaching me. I just can’t get enough of Him.

I hope these books will be a sort of beginning for you too. I’d love to hear what you’re reading! Comment and let me know!