Dear New Mama,

Dear New Mama,

You never knew you could love like this, did you?

That first cry. It’s etched forever into your heart. How you absolutely melted over the weight of someone so small. In an instant, you were changed. Forever. This precious miracle, truly a gift straight from Father, is yours.

You just stare. Scribing every sweet line and wrinkle into your mind. Breathing in the smell of newness. Memorizing the exact spot where that bald head rests on your chest and the way those tiny legs curl up under that sweet rump.


Dear Selah Grace,

You have ended your many adventures for this day. After a few “no’s” and maybe some bribing to read the “bear book” from me, you’re sleeping sweetly. You’re 21 months old and you talk ALL. THE. TIME! You still have the...

Beautiful Brokenness

I sat in our hospital room with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. How can something so broken, be so beautiful? My whole family was sleeping. I watched her mince as she changed positions and found a more comfortable way to rest. Her poor body had endured much with...

An Old Friend

It took all of my courage just to open the door to the office. I unbuttoned my jacket, not because I was warm, but maybe it would take away the tightness in my chest. I took a deep breath to slow down my fast beating heart. My hands shook as I completed...