Simple, Purposeful Living in Our Home (Part 3)

Simple, Purposeful Living in Our Home (Part 3)

Our house isn’t fancy. Honestly, it’s nothing to blog about. I laughed out loud when three lifestyle and home bloggers wanted me to join them in this series. I love our house. I think it’s pretty. But it’s definitely not going to be one you would find in a magazine.

But our home. It’s different. We’ve spent the last several years learning about home. Making our house a home, learning what it means to be home, and the people we would find there. I think it’s true for most Mamas, but the older I grow, the more home means to me.

My Place

It was a brick house that sat on the hill. Blackberries grew right on the property line, and in the summer, on hot days like today, we’d throw those old strips of plywood across the top of the bushes and go pickin’. After a few hours in the sweltering...

Nothing is Wasted

I was newly married. Still blissful in our new life together. Our little white house was perfectly decorated, like I had imagined. All of the presents from our wedding, were thoughtfully arranged in their new home. Ready for us to use them as we began our life as...